Monday, October 3, 2011

SGD day 1. Again xD

Hey butterflies, first of all I'd like to apologize for my recent absence on Blogger. Believe me, I have been reading. I just haven't found the time to comment, or update. I've been so busy, finaly taking my studies a bit more serious. Not a lot, but hey, Rome wasn't build in one day, you know.
Eating's been bad the last copule of days. I've put on weight, but since it's no Wednesday yet, I won't post how much yet. I still have two days left to make up to it.

So, I've started the SGD today. I know a lot of you girls are starting ABC today, and I really though about joining. But I just want to do SGD first, 'cause I know I'll feel so much more prepared for ABC then. So I'll just be following you all the first 30 days, with the calories a bit altered. But we can still motivate each other, right? :)

So, I'm sitting here in my Spanish class, drinking Cult Raw Energy and thinking about stuff. One big can of Cult is 230 calories, which is more than half of my alowed intake. But I just can't get myself to care. Going to the gym today. The goal is to burn 400 calories or more, so my net-total can be a negative number. I have another Cult, and I think I'll have that one for breakfast tomorrow. Then I'll only have 70 calories left for the entire day. So I'll just live on rice cakes.
Damn I hate this calorie-filled addiction. If Red Bull wasn't so expensive in DK, I wouldn't have a problem at all. But as it is, a small Red Bull sugarfree cost even more than a big Cult. Because it's a popular American brand and all that shit. Fuck me, I'm tired of this country.

Seriously girls, I made one essay Saturday, and one text analysis Sunday, and one short story based on a picture Sunday. Plus I worked Friday from 4pm-8.30pm and Saturday from 7am-2.30pm. I feel so on top of school-work right now. God, I've spent a lot of time on school this weekend! The short story wasn't even mine. I made it for my boyfriend, he sucks at that kind of thing. He was like "I haven't written a single line!", and it was 9 or 10 in the evening. So I made him send me the picture, and got done in 30 minuts. I love writing short stories and stuff, everything where I can write almost whatever I want! At my school, those kind of assignments are rare.

I feel like I should have so much more to tell you. I mean, I haven't written for almost a week. But honestly, my life the passing week has been very uninteresting. I've gotten addicted to Bubble Struggle 2 again, this time the multplayer version. I've started watching the first season of Skins again (I really don't want to let go of Tony and the gang :/), I've eaten almost all carbs, and nothing low in calories. I've worked. I've made my homework. I've breathed. I've slept.

I guess my life just isn't interesting...

Girls, I'm gonna go. English is calling.
I swear, it's so cool having English right now. We have horrer-theme.
We've already watched The Shinning, read The Boogeyman and The terrapin, and something I don't recal the name of. Now we're watching American Psyco. So cool :)
So, until next time butterflies
Stay strong! I love you all so much :)
- Bella

Update: So, ate 600 calories more than I should have, burned 500 at the gym, then ate 600 more 'cause my blood-sugar was too low for me to controle it. I hate myself...


  1. It sounds like things are going well for you. I'm thinking of starting the SGD soon...its one of the only things I can do here since I'm forced to eat.
    I'm the same way with writing :)

  2. take breaks when you need to babe, we will always be here for you! yeah, I'm another ABC-er. Day one has been GREAT!

    good luck with your SGD, I am going to do that as soon as I finish day 50 with ABC.

    sending you love, support and butterflies!

    which reminds me.. my favorite quote is: Fat butterflies can not fly.

    makes me think of you.. not because you are fat..

    geezz... I wonder how many calories I got out of my foot in my mouth.. haha