Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am psycic

Okay, maybe not. But I way right about how 4 days + some were more than I could manage. Just after I passed my 32-hour-mark, I felt a huge binge comming on. So I told my mom I'd like some dinner anyway, and had a BIG bowl of tomato-soup with some pasta in it, that looked like rice. I think it was called soup-noodles? But it was noodles. Anyway. Had a piece of bread to the soup. The had a piece of bread with some garlic-creme-cheese. Don't know how much that was, but it can't have been more than 500 or 600. Anyway, it worked.  Had another loss this morning. Lovely :)

Just had some lunch. A salad consistent of: lettuce, chicken, pasta and garlic-dressing (Shouldn't have taken the dressing, but honestly, the salad was so boring without!). It all came down to about 550, and since I have scouts today, that's all it's gonna be. Oh, and had some apple juice for breakfast (90). Maybe I'll have some again when I get home tonight.
I've become very fund of apple juice. It's a great way to keep up my sugar-level so it won't get all low, and I'll start binging on all kind of crap. Sadly, each small carton 200ml) is 90 calories, and that's a lot for drinking. It's so yummy, I could probably drink fo 900 calories a day easily. Still, as long as I can controle it, it's cool. It's good.

Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday: my dress has arrived! And - *dramatic pause* - IT FITS!!! Thank the Lord! Though, there is some places where it fits rather unflawing, it does zip up and stay in place. Now, if I can just get to the goal weight I have set for the date, it'll be pretty perfect.
Oh, and another thing. It's unbelievably short! Like, crazy short! When I turn around, I can see my own ass! So I need to figure out what I'll do about that. I mean, obviously I'll need to wear somehting underneath it. I just have to figure out what and how.
I'm just so glad that it fits! The tight spots - well, I can lose that. As long as it zips up, I'm sure it'll be okay on the day.

Oh wow. I have the worst garlic-breath ever. The garlic-creme-cheese yesterday definetly left is mark, even though I've brushed my teeth since then. And then the salad-dressing on top. I'm glad I'm not the people around me, LOL :)

I haven't gotten around to download those songs yet. Plus, I didn't go to the gym yesterday. The weather was just too sad, all I could think about was cuddling under a blanket in my room, watching SKINS with a diet coke by my side. I will download them tomorrow, and once it's done, I promise to share them with you girls.

It's 15 minuts 'til I'm of class, and I'll have to hurry up so I can reach getting home and grab my uniform before scouts-meeting begins, so I gotta go.
I'll write you girls again tomorrow, and thursday I'll make a post where I share all my favorite ED-songs with you.
Until then, take care my butterflies.
You girls mean the world to me.
I love you all. Stay strong!
- Bella


  1. ah, Bellsy! <3
    You're doing so well! I'm so happy for you! Tomorrow's your weigh-in right? I'm so psyched for it for some reason! xD!
    I see all is going well! You're going to get there in no time, darling! I can taste it! i'm typing with so much enthusiasm i'm actually capitalising. i noticed that and changed. for some reason, ED!SamLupin likes to write in no-capitals. xD. it's weird, no?
    :) i know whatcha mean! i have this really, really pretty plaid shirt that i still can't fit into! even in my lowest, i couldn't fit into it. and i'm thinking 'please, just zip up and i can work on getting you to flow on me quite loosely'...pleasse.
    well, darling, just saying this - i wouldn't mind if your ass was showing. *gets slapped*
    i've not eaten for seven hours. wednesdays are my fasting days.
    and i've got everything planned to fall into places. i can have my lovely little eggs tomorrow! ...just need to somehow get the maid to make them for me for breakfast, so when i do pack them and go to school, i can break the fast with no binges. xD. i love how i planned this. i'm on 7 hours so fast. maximum 36 hours, but i'm shooting for 24-30 hours. :D
    yay! thursday.
    and i might as well. :)
    you too, butterfly! can't wait until you tell us the number tomorrow and can't wait for some songs, love!
    you mean the world to me. i love you more! ;)

    -Sam Lupin ♥

  2. You Rock, Girly!! And you KNOW you need to post pics of you in your dress!! :)