Friday, October 21, 2011

I've now spent 20 minuts trying to figure out what to call this post. I've got nothing.

Yeah. I have no imagination what-so-ever today. Sorry about that, but it's hopefully not like you read my blog for the titles, right?

First of all girls, I'd like to assure everyone that I am not going Mia. It's nice to know that I have the opporunity to change if I mess up, but I know just what a bitch she is. I'll take care of myself, I'll be real careful, I promise.

So. I went to Copenhagen with Nicoalj yesterday. Got 3 new t-shirts and a new pull-over. It's very light though, so it's not really good for anything but it's looks
I've also gotten a hair-cut. At first I didn't really like it. But I do now. So it's all cool :)
I've also lost some weight the last two days. Once I'm down to an acceptable number, I'll tell you just how bad it was.

 Excuse me for my fatness. Just thought I'd show you what I bought :)

 And, the new haircut. Do you like it?

Generally, it's all going pretty well at the moment. I'm generally happy. I know I have control, even if I fuck up. But I don't, not at the moment. I even went to McDonalds yesterday, when in Copenhagen. I did have some fun in there, though. Check this out:
*Me and Nicolaj comes into McDonalds*
Clerk: What can I help you with?
Louise: I'd like a chicken ceasar salad, please.
Clerk: What would you like to drink?
Louise: Nothing, he's buying it for me *point's at Nicolaj*
Clerk: Alright, so what can I help you with? *Turns to Nicolaj*
Nicolaj: I'd like a Big Mac Menu with Fanta and extra kethup, 3 cheese-burgers and a diet Coke.
Clerk: ... o_O

Seriously, it was sooo funny to watch!
But really, he is pretty disgusting. I mean, how can he eat so much junk? And he's so freaking thin! Like, he's skin and bones. That's what drives me the most. When I'm lying against his naked body, and I can see his ribs, feel his hip-bones against me. I want that. I want to be thinner than him. The girl can't be the fattest in a relationship, right? So, I've got to get skinny. Like, real skinny. You can see 4 of his ribs or so. So I need to be real skinny.

And that's why I've decided to give ABC another go.
I know it's stupid, and I'll proberbly never finish it. But I will proberbly not stop trying until I've finnished it either. So yeah, I'll give it another go, starting this Monday.
I'll change one thing! November 2th, Nicolaj is having his 18th birthday party. So I'll make that a 500 day, and then have the 250 I should have had on day 9 instead.
Also, if I do mess up a day, purging or no purging, I'll go on as I as supposed to, and then re-do it after the 50 days have ended. That way, I'm sure I'll get all the days, even if it'll take some extra time.

I've got work today. Ask me if I feel up to it? No. I do not. Not at all. But then again, I like money. And I really like the idea of having a drievrs license. So I need to do it. Oh sigh.
And, because I've got the evening-shift, I'm the one who has to throw away all the Danish pastry. Seriously, I hate doing it. I will do it, but i really hate the feeling of throwing all that food away when nothings wrong with it. I hate it! I wish I was allowed to take it all with me to some shelter of something, so someone at least could get something out of it. Someone homesless, or someone with 10 kids and no job. Something like that. Someone less fortunate than me.
We're not allowed to. The policy is that if you take anything out of the store and don't pay for it, it's stealling. It's not the boss that descides that, it's a general thing in Denmark.

Oh, now I'm at the topic, did you know that Danish pastry is not from Denmark? Like, we didn't invent it.
Back in time, like 1800 or 1900, the bakeries had big troubles 'cause all the bakers decided to strike. Don't even remember why. So we imported some bakers from Vienna, and they came along with all these sweet bread that we were not used to. We had something called Rundstykker. Don't know if you guys have something like it, but Goggle translate just calls is rolls? Anyway, the Danes liked it so much, they brought it out to the rest of the world. And that's why it's called Danish pastry. In Denmark, we call it "wienerbrød" (Vienne-bread).
Lol, just thought I'd tell you, 'cause I think about everytime I write about it in here!

Okay, focus on again.

So, I better go get ready for work.
I love you girls. I love how you always worry about me, think about me, comfort me when I'm down and all that shit. You think more about me and my feelings than anyone else I know. And I don't even "known"-know you. You guys are amazing!
I love you all, so much.
Stay strong, think thin, be beautiful!
- Bella


  1. i love the name Nicholaj. a lot.
    you adorable pixie! I CANNOT-
    ahahahahaha! love Nicholaj!
    interesting. always thought it was Danish!
    <3 stay strong and lovely, my lovely! ;)

    so much love. so much.
    -Sam Lupin

  2. You are so gorgeous and honestly I'd kill to look like you, okay well not really 'kill' I'm much to gentle for that.

    Anywho, everyone messes up sometimes, Just don't get down on yourself to badly.

    How can your boyfriend eat that much...holy crap! And we do have Danish pastries...and I'm pretty sure we still call them Danish pastries.

    Alright...well...until next time Bella! Hope the abc turns out well!

  3. your hair cut is adorable!!! i used to have a tiger shirt like that except mine was purple, cute cute! :) stay strong!