Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekly weigh-in + why I'm the king of Tetris battle.

CW: 86,3 kg/190,3 lbs (BMI 30,9)
Loss: 0,8 kg/1,8 lbs
Total loss: 0,7 kg/1,5 lbs
GW1: 78 kg/171,9 lbs (BMI 28)
Maybe more like a queen? Lol, or maybe not. But seriously, I am good. In 6 rounds, I leveled up twice. Like, fuck yeeeah!
Girls, you mean the world to my. It truly warmed hy heart when I logged on and read you amazing comments. I'm serious, a smile just spread across my lips, and everything just seemed a bit more positive. You girls really makes it easier for me to go through the days. Thanks <3
So, the weigh-in went good. I actually ate quite more than I would have yesterday, but not enough to make me gain. I'd lost a bit from yesterday to today. I'm pretty happy. Seriously, monday girls, I weighed myself at 88,5 kg/195,2 lbs. In two days, I've lost 2,2 kg/4,9 lbs.  I feel pretty damn good. Sadly, that's always when I fuck up the most. I have certainly already felt it today. So I'll have to watch out for that.

Ate a chocolatebun this morning. Didn't mean to, but a girl in my class gave them to us because it's her birthday. I ate it, I enjoyed it, and it tasted really great. I don't regret it now, but I know I'll have to cut down on my lunch then.
The last couple of days I've been eating 1 meal a'day. Today, I'm planning on eating 3, but they must be healthy. The bun for breakfast, that must have had like 400 calories or so? It was with chocolatechips, so I'll say 500 for a safety. It was pretty big. Then I'll have salad for lunch, like 150-200. And a cup soup for dinner, that only 70. So it's getting pretty high, but hey, I'm going to the gym today anyway. Planning on burning that bun away. I love going to the gym on Wednesdays, 'cause I go with my mom, and we get there just in time for Friends. So I spend like, ½ hours on the exercise-bike (1. episode) and ½ hour on the treadmile (2. episode) without even noticing I'm doing exercise! It's so lovely. Then there's the weights afterwards. I can easily burn those 500 calories.
So, I am allowing myself the food.

Just looked up that bun. It's only 350. Who would have guessed?

So, I'm having this project-y- thing in school. 3 days where we in groups works with an assigment covering to classes, in this case religion an history. It's very boring, and I've only had it for 3 hours. Sigh.
We're having about the reformation. Remember than Denmark is a Lutheran country - we share a border with Germany, so of course we are. Well, durring the reformation, a lot of things happend in Denmark. That's what I'm supposed to be writing about. And sure, it's really interesting, and I love history. But not this way! I dpm't like the methods my teacher use. I'd rather just have a magazine and read to myself, like I do when I'm at my boyfriends place (they get the magazine Historie (History) every month). I hate when I have to work with it. It's stressing and boring as fuck, and no, I do not remember it better that way. Gah!

I'm missing my boy girls :(
He'll come home tomorrow. I must look as good as posible!
I was acutally going to fast today. But then I decided I'd rather fast tomorrow, so my stomac could be as flat as posible when he got home, and then I could just eat real healthy today, and work out. Stupid chocolatebun. But hey, it tasted great. And, it wasn't that unhealthy after all.
Of course, 350 is a lot of calories in one thing. But it's better than 500, right?

I wish I had more to tell you guys. 'Cause then I wouldn't have to start making my school-work. LOL.
No, honestly, I wish I had more to telly ou. My posts are pretty much the same, aren't they? I really don't want to be a boring blogger. I wish I could make all those well-formulated, wise, funny and interesting posts that all you can. But I suck. Sorry about that babes. Know that I try <3

For now lovelies,
until next time, stay strong and hold on!
You're all so strong.
We can freaking do this girls!
- Bella


  1. hey nice work on your intake! atleast you can recognise that you ate something bad, but counter act it with eating little :) and its good you have that attitude that you can enjoy the bun and burn it off later! i always beat myself up haha! keep up the good work :)

  2. so close to the 180's! i myself can almost taste it, lovely! <3
    you always need someone to help you smile. smiling is just the most beautiful thing in the world, for in the length of a smile - everything is fine. everything feels alright. even if just for that lovely moment. :)
    i'm glad you at least enjoyed it! i am horrid at enjoying food sometimes.
    darling! xD ahaha. you need to focus more in school. just saying so, my love </3
    i had 392 today. if i had that bun, it would be the only thing i'm allowed to eat. and i really, really want chocolate. is there no low-carb high-protein chocolate in this world??!!?!!!! well, yeah. the atkins bars. which i don't have. :(
    babe, my life is pretty much the same everyday. all i ever update on is intake and pictures. i myself am a boring blogger! :)

    yes we can, sexy! ;)
    - Sam Lupin ♥

  3. You're doing so well! Don't let this go, honey. You have to keep pushing forward, and keep feeling incredible every time you weigh. You will get there, pumpkin <3

  4. You are doing amazing! I'm glad you are enjoying what you ate. I found out that feeling guilty about little things like that chocolate bun, or a candy bar is pointless. If you truly enjoyed it don't feel bad just don't let splurges get out of control.

    Weight loss should be about three things. Amazing results
    No regrets
    and feeling amazing with what you accomplished while enjoying every aspect (including food)

    little treats, like that chocolate bun, are great. They decrease your chances of binging.

    overall you had an amazing intake and are NOT a boring blogger. I am the boringest blogger I know!

    Keep up the wonderful work, lovely!

  5. Bella, babe. I love you. That is all..