Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weekly weigh in + Christmas/New Year stuff

CW: 79,3 kg/174,8 lbs (BMI 28,4)
Loss: 1,2 kg/2,6 lbs
GW2: 78 kg/171,9 lbs (BMI 28)
So, I had actually decided that I wanted to reach my goal weight 2 by New Years eve, and mostly, I am an optimist. But even I have to admit that that'll be a little hard. If I hadn't been fucking up so much lately, I would totally have made it. But I can't change the future, and it's nothing I want to cry about (any more). I will be fasting for the next to days, hoping that on the 31st I'll be able to at lease see the 78, even if it's not .0. And this time, I will not break my fast. I have been spending two days eating and relaxing and enjoying myself, so by now, I should have summoned up the strength that I need for it. Really, two days, I have done that a couple of times before by now. I have enough money to buy all the Diet Coke I'll want, and I have excuses enough for a couple of evenings.
Also, gym with mom later today, and maybe Friday as well. Hurray for mom! It's been over a week since I've been to the gym, damn it's going to be hard!
So, I never had a chance to tell you guys what I got for Christmas! It was kind of boring, but most of it really needed, so.

From Nicolaj: Skullcandy headphones + white, fuzzy bathrope.
From mom & dad: 700 dkk + a new printer.
From Amanda & Patrick: 5 new nail polishs + 1 mascara.
From grandmother, mom's side of the family: Make-up box.
From grandfather & wife, mom's side of the family: 150 dkk, hidden in a cute little elf-figure-thingy.
From grandmother & aunt, dad's side of the family: 400 dkk.
From grandfather & Kirsten, dad's side of the family: 500 dkk, wrapped around a hair-care product for colored hair.
From the in-laws: 5 books about some vapire-thingy. I like vampires.

And that would be it. Mostly just money (1750 dkk), which you can convert here to get a better picture of how much that actually is. But a handful useful stuff as well, like that printer. We're supposed to bring our own for our written exams when we get there, and the one I had was broken. Which, of course, is why I got it. My parents knew that. And don't misunderstand me, I'm really really thankful for all the gifts given me! I love my family so much. Most of the time. When they're not around for me to listen to all their arguments. I love them as individuals, okay? Oh God, you know what I mean!

Tomorrow, I'm going to Copenhagen, to meet up with my former best friend. Her name is Tine, and she's very very very very very thin. I remember once, we were hanging out in Køge, and we were wearing the same tank top. It was in our scene period (ha ha, I used to be wannabe scene!), and the tights were almost the same as well. Mine were in blue, hers in green, with leopard spots on it. She had the blue as well, and I had the green too. Hair dyed black, with tons of extensions in it. Leg warmes that almost covered out worn sneakers and, tons of necklaces and bracelets dangling on us. The tank top was bright pink, and one of those long ones that goes past your butt, so you can wear it as a dress. Except mine didn't go past my but, and I was wearing shorts underneath it. Tine was so cute in her scene clothes, really tall, flat stomach, cute accessories. I never realized until later how pathetic I must have looked next to her, being 90 kg/198 lbs, shorter, with fewer necklaces and bracelets, ripped tights that had all my leg-fat showing, muffin-top clearly visible through the tank top. And I just remember looking at her, decided that I wouldn't eat ever again until I looked like her. She was such a beauty in my eyes. Oh dear, what a time...

New Year in three days, and I already have the dress! I'm thinking about bleaching my hair for it, then dying it read afterwards. But I wasn't supposed to get red hair until my goal weight 4 or 5 or something. It's just, black dress, black shoes, black hair, black make-up. It kinda gets too much, if you know what I mean?
Oh, and I promise, I'll post a picture of my in the dress, along with one of me in the dress I bought for Nicolaj's birthday (more than a month ago). I remember someone asking me to post it, though I can't remember who. Well, it will be coming!
I don't know if I get another chance to blog before New Years Eve, since I'm going to Copenhagen tomorrow, up to visit my Grandma Friday, and then promised my best friend to decorate her house and make the dinner for New Years Eve. She's having a party. It's not gonna be huge, we'll be 12 people and her mom. Normally, the mom-part would really disturb me, but I know her mom, and she's pretty cool, so I think it'll be alright. I'm really looking forward to it this year, since my last New Years Eve was kinda boring. Anyone who has gone back in my blog know that. It'll be fun to go a little crazy this year, after a year of playing Ludo and drinking apple cider. It was nice last year, though! Very quiet and lovely.

So girls, even if I don't get a chance to make a real update, I promise I'll still be writing to you and wishing you a happy new year and all that stuff. And I will still be reading at any time available!

I love you all, my wonderful butterflies. So so so so so so so much!
Stay strong, think thin, be beautiful!
- Bella


  1. You can absolutely reach that goal! If you stick to fasting for these next two days, it'll be so incredibly easy. Don't put yourself down, and keep striving for the best. Sounds like you received some wonderful presents for Christmas.
    I have black hair at the moment, and quite often wear black dresses, as I have porcelain skin and people always say I look like a vampire.
    Hope you have a wonderful new year! Let me know how the fasting goes, sweetheart :) <3

  2. my beautiful!
    you can definitely reach your goal. my goal is to get into the 69's again (kinky number, eh?). and i'm currently back to 71,6/157,5lbs. fuck. i've been yo-yoing too much but i've got it so under control right now.
    MONEY THE BEST PRESENT EVER! that's like 114BD (that seems like so little now that i write it like that). ahahaha! my Father used to owe me this much before. :'3
    my best friend is 97lbs! granted, she looks very healthy. in fact, cute healthy and i'm sitting there going like 'i'm in the 150's.' 'oh stop it, Sammy. you look gorgeous.'
    i have my New Years' clothes picked out too! it's a shirt with 'I Really Don't Care about Fashion, Mother and If You Want Me To Dress Up Well, then Buy Me Something Yourself! Not Caring About My Unfashionable Ass Forever, Bitches!'. you know. that or a plaid shirt. whatever ticks my Mother and makes her to make Sam kebabs out of me.
    i love you too, butterfly.
    it's been a great year (kinda!) <3 well, i got to meet you girls! that's something! :D
    -Sam Lupin

  3. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas!! Hope you have an awesome New Years. <3


  4. Sounds like a great Christmas to me!
    I hope your New Year is just as wonderful!
    Love you Bella!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3