Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mentos' and New Year's resolutions!

I just opened a pack of Mentos fruit (140 calories for the whole thing), divided the pastilles in 3 piles, color coded, just to see how many there was of each. You see, I love the yellow ones, the lemon ones, but when I have a pack of Mentos, I always feel like there's hardly yellows in it. In this randomly picked pack, 7 out of 14 was pink, strawberry, 5 was orange, orange, and ONLY 2 WAS YELLOW. Like, wtf? Are you kidding me? So as I am writing this, I am chewing on a load of strawberry Mentos' and sulking.

So... My friend Tine blew me off. I was supposed to come visit her in Copenhagen, but she called me yesterday just as I was getting ready to leave the gym. She told me she had totally forgotten that she had promised her other former best friend to come visit her, here in Køge where I live, so she couldn't be with me. Then she asked me if, since she was in Køge anyway, she could just come here tomorrow. I told her, pretty cold I'm afraid, that I couldn't because I had to go visit my grandma. Of course, if she really forgot, there's no reason to be mad. But I just know her so well. I know she would totally just pretend to have had a deal with that other girl, just because she felt more like visiting her. Or if she just didn't want to see me at all.
It's not like I was looking that much forward to seeing her. She always pretty much just used me because she could. I was the fat copy of her that she made fun of behind my back, but I was good enough when no one else was available. But it still pisses me of that she treats me this way, so long after. I was starting to hope she had changed after moving... Oh well, maybe not.

I  really need a new diet. From January 1st, I need to be doing some kind of diet. It needs to help me stop purging without starving me totally, and it needs to be effective, 'cause I'm starting to get pretty damn reckless here. Any advice?

And now, for the funny part.
My New Year's resolutions!

Okay, let's start out with looking at last year's resolutions and see how well I've done.
  •  Loose 25 kg (55.1 lbs) at least! I have lots of weight to loose from, and in one year, I should at least be able to loose the double!
  •  Start jogging! I just hate that sh*t. But I have to do it. I just have to! Buuut I'll wait 'till the weather gets better whit this one ;)
  •  Use my money better! I have 3 jobs, and I make great a deal of money every month. But then I always go waste them on junk. This will end! I will have more money, and I will be able to buy whatever I want.
  •  Become more active socialy. I will not spend the next new year alone, doing something dead boring! I want to go to more parties, and I want to have fun!
That's just sad. Looking at that, I haven't reached a single one of my resolutions. Maybe the first one wasn't so realistic, but the rest of them... Oh God. Let's try and do better this year, right?

My New Year's resolutions 2011 is:

  • Reach goal weigh 4 or 5 before end of the year 2012 - I'd love to say way below that, but I want to be realistic this year and actually make my resolutions!
  • Get that God damn purging under control! - Don't want to end up like Cassie, do we?
  • Become more thankful for what I have, instead of always wanting more - I have been a real bitch this year, to Nicolaj, my family, to myself and anybody else around me. It's about time I change that.
  • Start jogging - This year, I'm serious!
  • Become a better blogger and, most important, follower - I don't ever really comment, and I have started to suck on updating my own blog as well. We can't have that happening!
  • Cut down on the soda's and up the water instead - I drink waaay to many carbonated drinks...
I think that's it? I'll probably have tons to add to it as soon as I post this. I'll make a list on my computer that I can add on or something.

Any advice on the diet-thing, let me know. Also, I'd love to hear your New Year's resolutions if you feel like sharing! :)
I love you girls. I love you very, very much!

Stay strong, think thin, be beautiful!
- Bella


  1. cute girlie. xD. in Skittles, my favourites is the yellow, and the green and i feel like there's hardly enough (sugar rush, much?)
    fucking whore she is.
    yes! we will reach them with you, my love!
    woot! i want to reach Goal 4 by New Years. (fucking 156,6lbs/71,2 - never ending nightmare).
    my New Years resolution??
    that's all i've ever wanted for 5-6 years. this year, it's happening. totally.
    -Sam Lupin

  2. I love Mentos!
    Yum yum. :D
    I never kept any of my resolutions last year either, haha.
    This year we will do so much better!
    Your resolutions for this year sound awesome!
    I think you will do really well at keeping up with them. :)
    As a side note, that picture is how I envision myself when I hit my goal.
    The perfect representation.
    I have missed you and your lovely comments!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  3. HAHA you are so cute and funny! Don't try my diet.. I will probably die, but hey.. whatevs.

    Fuck that friend 'so-called' if you are not good enough for her time, don't waste yours on her.

    Good luck with the new year.

    love you.

  4. try a 800 cal diet, and just exercise loads or join a gym. ive posted my new years resoloution list on my blog pleeeeeeeeeeease follow me and maybe we can help each other because guuuurl im about to be killing myself losing this weight. lol
    lots of love