Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

So, today's the day of Christmas Eve!
I must admit, I haven't been looking forward to this night, but now the day has come, I can feel myself starting to think about the presents, the delicious food, going to church with my sister and grandma, and all that sort of stuff. I'm trying to focus on the positive, 'cause my weight this morning was crazy, and I really don't want to think about tomorrow.
I ate tons yesterday, and I didn't purge once! When I say I ate tons, what I mean is, I ate a bit normal - a toast for lunch, two pieces of bread and a bit of rice pudding for dinner - and then tons of Christmas treats. I was at Nicolaj's place, and his mom likes to make all the sweets herself. Home made sugar roasted almonds, anyone? Delicious Christmas cookies in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with tons of different delicious tastes? Put me in there, and you have why my weight has been going up, up, up lately.

But today, I'm happy. Today will be a good day, because I said so. I'm gonna get started with the cleaning as soon as I've posted this thing. Which I will do, as soon as I've written it.
I finally took some time to just sit down and comment on all the recent posts. I know I'm the worlds worst follower, and I'm sorry girls. One of my New Years resolutions are to get better at the commenting, I swear!

Eew, I look so fat in this clothes.
Eew, I'm so fat in general.
The end.

I should also go put on some make-up and do my hair. Luckily, there's about 4 hours 'til we get guests and I have to go to church. Plenty of time! Besides, why stress about cleaning a room that we aren't even going to be in? Toady, I'm in a good mood. A chilly mood.

My parents are so brilliant. They though they'd make us all happy this Christmas morning, so they put a small present in each sock, along with a bunch of candy. And I know I'll probably just end up throwing it all out or something, since that would be better than eating it and cry about it afterwards.
I hate how hard this has to be. I hate being such a bitch to my parents, when they're just trying to be sweet. And the necklace I got with the candy really is pretty! I'm wearing it right now, so they'll know how thankful I am.

I'm a bad daughter. I never help at home, I never spend any time with them, I never thank them for anything or tell them how much I love them. Well, all these things are what I never do to my mom. But it's no secret I don't really like my dad, so I guess I don't feel nearly as guilty about that. Which just makes me an even worse daughter, doesn't it?

I'm pretty much empty. I can't come up with anything else to write.
Today it is Christmas, and I'm happy. That's pretty much it, isn't it?
Oh well.
I wish you lovelies all a very, very merry Christmas, or to any non-Christians, happy holidays!
I love you girls so much, and I will be thinking about you tonight, when opening presents and thanking everyone for everything they've given me.
Also, I just wanted to be a good person and post this - It's a new blogger who writes really amazing. I'm her only follower, and I think she deserves so many more. Take a look at it, if not for me then for her, and show her she's not alone. No one deserves to be.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Happy holidays!

I love you!
Stay strong, think thin, be beautiful!
- Bella


  1. I hope you have the loveliest Christmas. Enjoy yourself! It's alright to please your mama by eating all the terrible things she gives you, as long as you eat them in moderation! Have an amazing weekend. In January, we'll get back on top form! Stay positive, pretty lady <3

  2. :3 Have a great Christmas, although you haven't been looking forward to it. Doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it :)

    you're such a sweetheart, to help out your fellow bloggers. NJKADSFGMAD; <3 seriously, i hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  3. so don't. <3
    you and i both. just stop, enjoy, because it's one day in the entire year...
    gahh. baby. <3 awe. my love. you're adorable at commenting!
    i'm glad for your mood!
    ahahaha. all i want for Christmas is Bella in my bed. ;)
    aweeeeeeeeee. i wonder if you'll throw out my low-fat calorie-free hot chocolate if i give it to you. PS. easy to purge. ;)
    aweeee. you're such a sweetheart! <3 so sweet. i'll follow her right now. you're right. nobody deserves to be alone. like ever. <3
    love you to the point of hugging you 'til you explody! :D :D :D :D
    -Sam Lupin

  4. No one does deserve to be alone. I'm checking out her blog right after this :) I missed you, darling and thanks for the post on my blog, it really means a whole lot!

    I'm glad you are happy. :)

    Have a very merry Christmas!

  5. I'm happy that you were able to decide to have a good day and that you stuck it out. Even in your writing I can tell you were happy.
    What you said about your family and how you treat them, I feel exactly the same way about mine. Even wrote a little about it in my post today. I think bonds with families are so much different. You usually choose your friends, you don't choose your family. So therefore relationships with family members are bound to be more difficult because some members are people you'd never choose to be around if you weren't related. I guess I don't have too much advice in the family department since I have similar struggles.
    THANK YOU so so much for posting about my blog. It's really touching and it really made me feel great when I saw that.
    Keep your head up and enjoy the holidays and the family in your life who love and care about you.

  6. Merry Christmas!

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.