Monday, August 1, 2011

Ready... Set.. ABC!

Yes, it is the first day of the ABC.
I'm allowed 500 calories, but can choose to eat less.
And my starting weight is... I have no idea.

Sorry(!!!) I didn't post yesterday as I promised. Hungover and binging is not the biggest motivation for a post on my ED-blog, right?

So, my grandfather decided that my brother and I would enjoy it if he brought his German friends and their kids by our house. We were both sleeping then. Well, now we aren't.
Seriously. There's German people in my house! I need a shower, I need my scale, and I fucking need to hear something besides German. I hate it. Not that Germany ever did me anything. I just hate the fucking language.
Here in DK, we have German in the school for 3 or 4 years, then after that it is optional, since Folkeskole (school age 6/7 - 15/16) ends and we get to select what we want in the new school. Some even choose not to go to school anymore, and starts getting trained for whatever low-paid job they can get. Not to be mean. It's just true.
I always sucked in German.
I now have Spanish, and sucks just as much.

So, I am now awake and driven crazy. Great way to start.
At least I'm not hungry. I don't think I'd be able to deal with that, not with all this shit around me.
But I am positive, since today is the first day of my ABC.
I'm looking forward to this.
This time, I will not fail.
This time, I will be awesome and loose lots of weight,
This time, I will do it!

I'd also like to comment all the comments on my latest post. I've never done that before. I've never gotten that many comments on a post. You guys are so awesome!
Run and Graceturnsslowly: Well, it is hard to stick to. I have tried this I don't know how many times before. But I really want to give it a shot again. It's been a while. And I do believe I can do this. I feel so motivated, so strong. Plus, if I do fail... Well, I could always lie? ;) No, I won't do that, haha :)
Ana love: Well, good luck with it. And about the vegetarian thing, I don't really think about it. I can get most of the food everyone else is eating, though it's pretty hard for me to eat out. All the veggie-food on the restaurants sucks. It's just boiled vegetables. Boring!
Sammy: Oh, that's great :) The more you are, the more you wanna stick to it. I'll be following you in the journey! :)
A.beautiful.mess: I do know the consequenses and what it does to my metabolism. But as you say, hopefully it'll give my weightloss a boost. I don't think you're a killjoy. You are kind enough to warn me, and I appreciare it :)
Pralinka: Sure I will. But just one question. What language are you writing in? I looked at it, and I can't recognize it, haha :)

Oh, that felt great!
When I made this Blog, I never expected to get so many followers. Not to think about comments!
For a girl who has always felt alone in the world, unsupported, unnoticced, 66 followers is just huge! It makes me so happy to log on and see the comments you guys leave, to see that I've gotten new followers since last. It's an indescribable feeling. I love you guys so much! :)

Oh yeah, the Germans left!
Scale... Damn.
I might update this later lovelies, so keep an eye on it, right?
You do need to know what I'm eating, to keep and eye on me, haha :)
For now, think thin and stay strong!
- Bella

 So, when I finally got to the scale this morning, it said 86,4 kg/190,5 lbs, and I was like WHAT? Then I remembered, I'm getting my period tomorrow (I'm on the pill, so I'm sure), and now I'm just crossing my fingers the weight'll go down when that's over. I know I've put on after binging 3 days, but that much? No way.

B -
L - 1 cup soup tomato & chilli (80 cal), 1 big piece of baugette (156 cal)
D - 1 cup soup minestrone (90 cal), 1 small piece of baugette (75)
S - ½ and apple (31 cal), 4 tic-tac's (8), 1 piece of dark chocolate (59)

Total: 499
Haha, that's pretty damn close :)


  1. The German language isn't the prettiest I have to say! I dated a german a while back

    Good luck with today!
    I couldn't do it

  2. Ahaha. My favourite band actually consists of a German God in my opinion. He has a voice that makes me jizz all over my pants and is currently like in his late 50's.

    I can't touch my scale considering that two riff-raffs sleep in my room and I hate being caught weighing myself. It makes me feel as if it sets off some people's alarm bells.

    We binged yesterday but so what? Today's a new day and we can definitely do this! <3 I think that with support, I can really do the ABC as I'm supposed to. ^__^ Plus, I don't feel so alone so I'm probably less likely to binge.

  3. I'm super glad that you didn't think I was a killjoy, I just know how it feels when everyone tells you it is going to go well and then it doesn't work as well for you.

    I hate it when people are at your house and you wanna live your life and do stuff and you can't cause they WON'T LEAVE. Haha but they left so that's great :)

    You can do this :)


  4. You made me laugh about the German thing :)

    I'm so happy for you and I hope you do great on the ABC :) I'm going to start mine next week.

    and 66 followers is amazing. I don't know if I'll ever get any followers at all.

    Good luck :)

  5. Nicely done : ) good luck tomorrow