Monday, August 15, 2011

Double moral me (50th post :D)

So, you remember how I said yesterday I would go make a plan?
I didn't. And then, I failed today. That's how it goes.
To be honest, I don't feel so sad about it now. Maybe it's because I'm sitting here, eating Mars bars (in plural) and watching Supersize VS. Superskinny Kids. Hint the title.
I will feel bad tomorrow, when I step on the scale, and see the dreaded number.
As a matter of fact, I did go on the scale today, despite what I said yesterday. And it was lower than I expected, slightly beneath my dreaded number. Tomorrow, it will be over though. I wont use the scale tomorrow.

And I will fast (here comes the plan I should have made yesterday). It should be easy tomorrow. I'm gonna be in the scouts hut from 4 pm and 'til 9.30 pm. And I'm not home from school until 3.15 pm or so. So fasting should be fairly easy.
Then wednesday, I will have 1 sliece of rye bread w. some sort of low cal spread. I will have 1 apple. And 1 cup soup. That shouldn't be more than 300. If I get really hungry, and feel like a binge is comming on, I can eat some more fruit. Kiwis and oranges. And that's it.
Thursday, more fruit. No calorie limit for that. Apples, kiwis, oranges, pears. Maybe even a banana. Then some sort of solid salat, like a pasta salad or so, for dinner.

And then I'll find out something for friday, saturday and sunday when we are getting closer :)

So, this is my 50th post on blogger.
I have 74 followers, and I've received 129 comments(!!!) on those 50 posts.
I'm shocked. Absolutely shocked.
When I made this blog, it was with a hope that I'd get lots of followers, and be able to inspire others. But honestly, I never truely believed it would happen.
To know how many people are reading this crap... It's simply amazing!
Thank you guys! Thank you so much. I love you all, so fucking much <3

Wow. I got totally absorbed by the program.
When I went on here, I had so much to write.
Now I've forgotten it. Fuck me :/

So, I'm pretty much just using any pf my spare time reading, or surfing Pro Ana websites. I used to find about 50  new ones a week. That's how I found out anout the Pro Ana blogs. And so, I forgot the sites. It seems to me the time of the Pro Ana websites has ended. No one ever updates them anymore. No one makes new ones. The blogs has taken over. It's so much simpler I know, since I've made I-don't-know-how-many websites. You tend to forget about them. Blogger is much much easier.
I love to Pro Ana tips and tricks. Of course, I've read most of the ones out there by now, but once in a while, I do stumble over some new ones, and then I'm all excited to try them out.
What I'm missing the most, what I need the most, is tips and tricks to avoiding eating with my family. My parrents are tired of hearing about how much I accidently ate a lunch, about me feeling sick (though they always makes me eat when I say that anyway ._.), and how I'm not home for dinner. What I need is something extremly new, like, nothing like the other ones. Have any ideas, lovelies?

So, I'm gonna go watch the rest of my show. Meehe :D
I'll write you tomorrow girls. Or, maybe I won't. Everytime I promise to do so, I always tend to not write for a couple of days.
I'll write you tomorrow, if I feel like it. Or have something to say. Or am bored in school. Haha :)
I love you all girls!
Think thin, stay strong, be beautiful!
- I love those sort of plays, with the letters :)
- Bella

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  1. I didn't like supersize v superskinny kids. I feel it was too... Blah. The adult one is much better in my opinion though I wish they would give them better underwear. xD

    Good luck with your (mini) plan. x