Friday, August 5, 2011

Still going strong, still doing great

Todays intake:

B -
L -
D - 3 rice crackers (90 calories)
Total: 90(/100)

Yes lovelies, I have now completed 5 days of ABC without going over a single calorie, and I don't feel like I'm going to fail tomorrow either (or the other days, but one day at a time). I know it sounds very weak, but it's better than what I've ever done before, and I'm actually quiet happy about it. I have felt like binging a hundred times during this, but no more than that I could control it. It makes me feel strong. The feeling of being strong makes me feel happy. Happy about myself.

Weighed in at 82,9 kg/182,7 lbs this morning, so it's still going in the right direction. I'm at my boyfriends place, so I won't be able to use my own scale for the next 2 days. They do have a scale, but I don't really know if it's cooperating with my own scale, so I'm kind of afraid that the next 2 days of weigh in will be wrong. I'm gonna do it anyway, though.
I'm so happy about loosing so much already. I can literally feel how I'm close to my lowest, and I'm so inspired by that. Because I soooo want to cross that, to make new lowest weights all the time. And eventually, to set up new goals. I will be able to do that soon, I hope. 
I don't really know what to expect at the end of ABC. 50 days is a long time. Maybe after the first 10 days, I'll be able t get a better picture. I'm sure I'm not going to lose this much through the whole diet! But how much am I going to lose, then? I have no idea.

So, I changed the design of the Blog. I just decided it looked to dark. What do you think?
And please tell me, how do you like the picture on the top of the page? I thought that since I promised you a picture of my new hair, I might as well do something funny with it. I've got one where you can see the whole hair, and I will upload it sometime. But it's on my own computer, and as mentioned earlier, I'm at my boyfriends house, so I haven't got it here.
Don't know what I think about. I've got one where the background hasn't been removed, where I'm just sitting in a sofa. Would that be better? Let me know what you think girls! :)

Now for the comments. Sorry for forgetting commenting on my comments in the last post. Wow, that didn't sound confusing at all...

Sammy: Yeah, I've had the same problem. There are just those weight-areas where it's so hard to get out from. Don't worry to much love, I'm sure you're gonna lose to, and more than just a pound. Just believe in it, and I'm sure you're gonna be able to do it! :)
Ana love: Thank you very much. It's always nice to know that people care enough to feel proud for me, haha :)
Hope to be thin: As to how long I've done ABC, I commented your post, so I'm sure you know already. And it is easier not eating when having fun. Until the people you're having fun with starts eating. Wow, it's so sad that you don't have any amusement parks! What country are you from? Sounds tiny when you say it like that xD
crashxDburn: You just described my dream (and plan!) perfectly. Of course we can do this! And thanks :)

So ladies, I'll get back to my boy now <3
I'll write you all tomorrow, let you know what I think about the scale, and of course my intake.
Until then, think thin.
Stay strong, my beautiful butterflies!
- Bella


  1. I'm soo happy the ABC is going well
    I had trouble with it, I'm just
    used to shifting cals on my own
    watch. Skinny girl diet is good too
    shorter version of the ABC

    so happy about your weight loss!
    hope all goes well darling <3

  2. I know a girl who looks just like the first pic... she can eat whatever she wants and is just naturally skinny and still has nice boobs. and shes with a guy i used to see (and will never get over) oh i hate her for it. haha sorry for this vent! Youre doing great, stay safe -G

  3. Your new hair is amazing :)

    Good job. I'm thinking of starting the ABC sooner than I planned. Yikes!

  4. I like the pic on top of your page and I love your hair as well ...:)
    Enjoy your stay at your boyfriends place!
    I'm from Czech republic so you were right - it is a tiny country...
    Stay strong about the ABC diet, it's awesome that it's going well!!

  5. You should be really proud of yourself! Sticking to SGD is pretty hard. I could never even do 1 day.. I am planning on it for the last 30 days before my bday. Good luck!

  6. I like the picture at the top :)
    ABC actually gets much easier after a while. I was a couple of days short of 30 days and then stopped it because I got bored and was spending more time fasting lol.
    Oh, and I used to love diet coke and other drinks but these days I can't stand them. I've turned into one of them weird people who mainly drink water lol.

  7. I'm glad it is going well for you :)

    And yeah blog layout is a nightmare, I found one that I like for my blog but I can't decide for my new tumblr.