Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'd love to say "I knew it!"

Yesterdays intake:

B -
L - Minestrone soup (90)
D - Tomato soup (80), Bread with oil, garlic and cheese (150)
S - Tic-tacs (12), Cocio light (118)

Total: 450 (out of 500)
Yesterdays weight: 85,5 kg/ 188,5 lbs

Godmorning lovelies. Or, maybe not, since it's 11 o'clock here. I don't even want to think about what it is around the world. Anyway, godmorning to all of you :)
ABC is going great. Like, seriously great.
The weight today was 84,2 kg/ 185,6 lbs. I knew it!
What was it I knew? I knew I couldn't have gained that much weight in 3 days. And since I got my period yesterday, the weight has dropped drasticly by now. So there, I knew it! Haha :)

 Got up and took a much-needed shower this morning, and as I stood there and enjoyed the hot water, I realized, only eating soup and bread doesn't do much for my system, you know. Not even a minut later, I got that "low-in-sugar-and-dehydrated" dizzy feeling, and since it was standing it the (very!) hot water - I looove really hot showers - it hit me like a brick. I just turned of the water, ran into my room, and drank an orange juice sitting on the table. Now I've used 98 out of my 300 calories for today. On juice ._.
Fortunatly, I've got the best boyfriend in the world. He agreed to stop by the store on his way to me and buy some rice crackers, since it looks like I'm gonna have to live on 200 calories today.
Plus, I've got Zumba later on. For the first time in what, 3 or 4 weeks? Yikes :(

One thing I've realized I really, REALLY hate, is when my parrents improvise.
Like, I told my mom I was going on a calorie-restricted diet (now how restricted), and she was all "cool, do that". Then at dinner time yesterday, I'd asked for a piece of bread with my soup, and she just goes crazy and all "I'm-a-gourmet-chef-look-at-me" with the bread and gives it a dash of olive oil, some fresh garlic and some bits of cheese. Like, how the fuck am I supposed to count calories if you keep "pimping up" my food? Damn!
I love my mom, but she just doesn't understand me sometimes. No matter how many times I tell her stuff, and no matter how diffrent they sound from the last time, it's always the same. Either she's real slow, or she just doesn't care. Okay, I know she did the bread-thing out of love, but argh! At least, by that time all I'd eaten was a 90 calorie soup. So I knew I could eat it, and count calories later. I'm just lucky the bread is so low in calorie.

It can be so annoying living with my parrents. But at the same time, I'm so scarred of the thought of moving out. I'm 17, and I'll be moving out in 2-3 years. And I'm terrified. Because I don't want to be an adult person, living in my own house, taking a real education and thinking about weddings. I don't want to grow up. I love this age! I love being exacly where I am now. And well, maybe 20 will be nice as well. But I love being a teen!

Damn. I'm totally spilling out my guts for you guys.
Well, that's why I made the blog, right?

I think that's it for today lovelies.
So now, I'll go not eating
And try to gather some energy for Zumba.
Think thin, lovely ladies.
Stay strong, beautiful ones.
Lots of love
- Bella


Todays intake:
B - Orange juice (90)
L - 3 rice crackers (90)
D - 1 piece of bread (90), 1 slice of ham (18)
S - 1 Red Bull sugarfree (7,5)

Total: 295,5 (out of 300)
Exercise: Zumba (600-ish)

They say an average person can loose between 500-800 in one hour. Now, since I'm heavier than average, I think it should be more than 500. But I'm sure I wasn't energic enough to burn 800? In one hour, that's just crazy... What do you think? I'm so confused :/


  1. I hate that "I'm gonna pass out" feeling, my body gets uncomfortably hot and it's so unbearable. So I can imagine that a hot shower would make it much worse.

    Yay on weight loss :)

    Parents and weight is one messed up combination.

    I'm 23 and I still live at home, haha but people only generally move out here when they get engaged/married/long term committment :)

  2. "pimping up" my food... made me chuckle.
    Im 22 and i moved out 6 years ago and i love it! I dont answer to anyone and my clothes never get dyed cause my sister snuck in her red bra with my white sun dress.
    Also love restricting with no-one watching over me. :)
    Don't be scared. You'll love it.

  3. Im 20 in a week and have lived on my own since September last year.
    Before that I was halls for a year and before that boarding school in the UK while my parents lived else where in the world.
    Dieting is so easy without them
    But so is binging
    And cutting
    And pills
    And general risky behaviour which I excel in!

  4. I'm nineteen and I move out in two weeks...yikes. Well only to my grandmas house....So its not that bad. But I'll be more on my own with money and a job. And then my boyfriend finally gets back in a year so I can start college....and then thinking about weddings...yikes. I totally understand the not wanting to be an adult..yikes.
    Congrats it sounds like its working out lovely :)

  5. I'm almost 20 and can't fucking wait to get out of my house! I'm just saving my money and trying to figure out how to make it work... Hopefully soon :/
    Thanks for your comment! It always blows my mind and brings a smile to my face to hear that I'm even capable of inspiring anyone :)
    I hope u find as much happiness in your weight loss as I have