Sunday, August 28, 2011

I can't believe I'm doing this again...

I'm starting ABC again tomorrow. Boyfriend talked me into doing it, can you believe that?Well, I decided that if he says I can do it, I can. He's never lied to me before <3

I apologize for being so little on Blogger recently. It's all just fucked. I can't believe how stressed I am. Apparently, it is forbidden to have a social life while being in the gymnasium. How I hate those stupid teachers.
I should really get back to my homework, you know?
Lucky for me, the next assignment is something I' actually looking forward to doing. I'm supposed to write a short horror story for my next english class. Just a horror story. No specific demands. I love it when the teachers thinks you're retarded, and need easy assignments! :D

So, for the ABC.
I know how easily I can fail this.
It takes so little to push myself into binging.
So I thought I should make some genuin rules for me to follow, so I'll be able to make it through easier.
1) Always bring a water bottle to school.
2) Never go to the supermarket. If you need diet coke, buy it before school.
3) Make a list with at leas 10 excuses for not eating (for my parrents, at dinner time)
4) Don't be with the boyfriend too much. He eats like crazy, and I know it'll affect me.
5) Whenever I feel like binging, go to the bathroom, undress, look in the mirror - use the scale if necessary. Anything to avoid eating.
6) Reading will be my way of handling stress. I can't afford to be stressed while doing this, so if the homeworks to hard, switch of and go read some.

Any other suggestions, lovelies?

I feel so unispirering. I can't figure out how I keep getting new followers, when all I write about is failing, and making new plans who never works out. Seriously you guys, why are you reading this shit? What do you get from it? I can't tell you what To do. I can only tell you what not to do. So why am I so inspirering?
I just don't see it.

Well lovelies, I know this is short, but i really should get back to the homework.
I promise to write every day durring ABC, if nothing else, then at least to update on my calorie intake.

I love you all, you guys!
Stay strong!
- Bella ♥


  1. Ohhh! I can help. What has been working easily for me is when I have something kind of free. Like celery. A lot of people have celery for "free". You can like easily incorporate it into your calories, and eat as much of it as you want. An entire bowl full is like 50 calories. Or what I do, is I don't ever count liquid calories, because if I do, I will be depressed. I'm obsessed with drinking coffee, so if I count every 30 calories my cup brings for me, then I'd be eating less than 100 calories a day probably. xD. Always give yourself something a little 'free', unless I will binge and I do binge easily.
    Also, no matter what the intake is, eat every 3-4 hours. For me, that's worked so far. It's been about four days, no binging, fasted two days even. So if you've got 500 calories, split them up so that you're eating every three hours and you don't binge. I know that's gonna be hard when sometimes the intake is less than 250, hence I recommend the celery, lettuce, etc. Carrots! 25 calories per piece! Or cucumbers. 24. Apples! Perfect appetite control foods.
    :) hopefully, you'll be able to do this, chicka! ;D We believe in yooou. Can't wait to see how the next 50 days pan out.

  2. Another Butterfly!

    Aspire to metamorphose, my darling. I started at 213 and now I'm 190, and that's in just a few months.

    All my love.