Thursday, August 4, 2011

Roller coasters are really a great distraction

Todays intake:
B -
L - 4 rice crackers (120)
D - 1 toast w. cheese and ketchup (265)
Total: 385(/400)

Yeah, my friend texted me this morning, asking if I wanted to go with her to Bon-Bon Land. That's a very famous amusement park in DK. It's mostly for small children, but I like it. I used to come there every year with my family, and we'd get their annualy T-shirt and try the new roller coaster (they make a new one each year. Sadly, they have to remove one of the old ones too).
Ayway, I said yes pretty quick. I packed a bag with 2 bottles of water and a stack of rice crackers. All I ate while I was there was 4 rice crackers! My friend had a smoothie, a Ben & Jerry's (the small ones), chicken nuggets and a soda. And I had 4 rice crackers! I'm so proud of myself for that! :)

Woke up to 83,6 kg/184,3 lbs, which is a new low for the last 2 months. Not a new low entirely, but I'm getting pretty close. I'm so inspired to do this ABC-shit, once and for all! Tomorrow, I can only get 100 calories. That'll sure be a killer. It's so hard to eat, but only a little. I'd rather just not eat at all. There's a lot of days like that during the ABC. Hopefully, the scales will keep me motivated. And since I've gotten lower now than I've been for a loooong time, every day is motivating. Soon, I'll be less than my lowest. Then it'll for sure be easier. Damn, I'm excited! :)

The summer is letting go.
No, the summer is really over. The next 14 days or so, they've promised rain, rain, rain. Today was the last day of sun for a loooong time. Sigh.
How I'd love to live somewhere sunny and hot. I don't like winter. Or fall or spring. But winters the worst. 4 or 5 months of ice on the roads, darkness in the morning, freezing my butt of while waiting for the bus, never wearing enough clothes no matter how much I'm wearing. I can't stand it. I love my shorts, and I love my tank tops. Though I hate showing my body in them. But I do it anyway. 'Cause I love the feeling of wearing them, of feeling free and summer-ish. The best summerdays are the ones spend among random people who I'll never see again, wearing my shorts and tops, and having that feeling of getting tanner by the minut. I'd love if not having to say goodbye to the summer in the beginning of August! Damn country. Damn clima zones. Damn all this.
I swear, as soon as I get the money, I'm gonna move to US. I really don't like this country. It's small, cold, and always forgotten in the rest of the world. It's such a boring place! Nothing ever happens in a country smaller than most states. Damn it all.

Okay, enough with the grumpieness. I've had a wonderfull day!
I've had very much fun in Bon-Bon Land, I've stayed under my allowed calorie ammount real easy, and now I just have to snuggle in the bed, read in my book or watch some TV, 'til I fall asleep. I love my life. I love the holidays. I don't want to go back to school the 15th. I hate school. I'd be perfectly happy being a house wife, no job, no school, nothing. Sadly, that's notgoing to happen. Not until my boy starts making a loooot of money. Do it quick, please? <3

So girls, I'll go snuggle with my diet coke and Friends. Looove that show <3
Until tomorrow, stay strong lovely ladies.
Think thin!
- Bella


  1. I LOVE Friends! :D
    Also, awesome intake!! ^__^ <3 Congrats on the new low! I told myself, 'you can weigh yourself after the 50 days are done' or at least when I'm a little further in. I've been bouncing in and out of the same weight for about 2-3 months, so I should just stay clear-shot out of the scale for a while.
    Wow! 4 rice cakes! Amazing job, Bella! ^__^
    Awesome intake overall. :)
    You're gonna end up losing tons and I'd be lucky if I lost a pound! But even a pound loss will make me happy right about now. Been bouncing back and forth for too long. :(
    And here it's always hot! Come live by here. It's always so warm and full of heat!

  2. It sounds like an amazing day! I'm so proud of you!

  3. I love amusement parks! It's stupid we don't have an in my country, though...:/
    It's awesome you were able to stick to your rice cakes! My experience is that as long as I stay amused and have fun it's not that hard not to eat...
    What day of the ABC diet are you doing now? I was thinking of it but I'm not sure if I can stick to it... I'm trying to keep my intake between 500 - 900 kcal per day but ABC diet is much lower then that...

  4. I LOVE roller coasters!!! Omg. :D I can't wait until next summer. I plan to be thin and cute and go to several amusement parks in shorts and a tank top without feeling hideous. I think we can definitely do this together. Congrats on your intake!