Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fuck-up and reload

Yes girls, as it so often happens, I just had to major fuck-up days. Okay, maybe not major. But enoigh that I've gained. I haven't been on the scales today. I'm afraid to. I'm not eating today. I've said that before, I know. But this time, I mean it!
As of August 1st, I will be doing ABC with heather[hunger] from Starving myself pretty..., and I am pretty damn excited. I've tried ABC so many times, and never managed to stay on it for longer than 2 weeks, I'm sure most of you know what I mean :)
I know, from experience, that it is so much easier to stick to it and stay focused when you have an ABC buddy. So it's not just yourself you let down if you fail. It's also your awesome buddy, who counts on you and trusts you.
I just spend a couple of minuts writing down in my phone calender the calorie intake allowed for all 50 days. I feel so powerful and confident right now. I really do think that I can do this. I'm not alone in it, and God knows I'm motivated! So I'm sure it'll be pretty damn good! :)

On a whole other page, I'm going to a party tonight! 20th birthday, yay.
Just dyed my hair yesterday, and I got the cooooooll'est shoes from my mom! I swear, I have never before seen shoes that awesome! I'm absolutely in love! And I'm normaly not a shoe fanatic. But honestly, theese... I actually told my mom that I couldn't live without them, and promised that if I had to, I'd wear them every day the next year (they are pretty high), and she was sooo sweet. They weren't even that expensive :)
Anyway, I'll post a picture of both my hair and my shoes sometime tomorrow.

This party is going to be great! I hope.
If the boyfriend acts like the last time, I swear I'll kill him. He can't do that to me, not after the conversation we had the other day. My best friend will also be there, and the guy she is madly in love with (and we're both pretty sure he likes her back). so I'm sure I'll have a nice evening. Hopefully, since I won't eat today, I'll get drunk real quick, and I won't have to drink so much. Damn you calories who hides in all the delicious alcohole on this world. Damn you!

Though, if I could ask God for one thing to be calorie-free, it would probably be... I don't know. Chocolate. Crisps. Cult. Or maybe bread. I could live on bread. Or chicken!
I mean, I'm a vegetarian and all, but chicken is my big weakness. It's just sooo yummy! The only thing keeping me from eating it is, everytime I plan on, I see those little baby chicks inside my head. And then I can't do it. I know I'm a bad vegetarian from even wanting to... But at least, I don't do it. That's what counts, if you ask me. That, and then that you are vegetarian for the right reason. Not because everyone else is, or because it makes it easier to loose weight. But for the animals.
Damn! Distractions, distractions...

Haha, I love this picture! :)
And look at that skinny girl they chose for the job!

Oh well lovelies, once again time has run away from me.
Guess I better get going, getting ready for that party :)
Wish me luck!
Oh, and always stay strong girls!
Every person has ups and downs.
Someone once wrote thai to me when I complained about failing so much: Don't worry, love. We all have our failing points. And that failing is not weakness; it's simply an opportunity to show your strength, because it takes much more strength to get up and try again than it takes weakness to fail in the first place...
I consider those the best advise I've ever gotten on this whole blog. Thank you Joanna, for always being so supportive and wise :)

Okay, now i definelty have to go!
Stay strong lovelies. You are all so beautiful!
Think thin girls, and I'll write you tomorrow! :)
- Bella 


  1. That looks like a good plan!
    I would NEVER be able to stick to that though, no will power, so I do the HSGD!!!
    And I LOVE the picture, I'm vegan so I understand that, but I love steak, and fish, not that I've had it for a while, but I know the feeling of temptation and when I was about fifteen I was really bad!

  2. I've tried vegetarian and I cannot stick to it! I haven't been able to try ABC yet...I have to many people watching me :/ But I cannot wait until I get enough freedom to try it. Good luck

  3. I did the ABC for around 27 days? I gave up in the end. First and last diet I have/will ever try lol. I can't stick to certain plans because I get hungry on the days when you can't eat and it's annoying.

  4. Ohh! Imma join in with you two as well! I'm interested. :D
    I'm starting a day before you guys though. Can't wait a day. Tehehehe ^__^

  5. abc IS great. it burns so many calories..

    By the way, I really like your style, it's unique and I read your blog so often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥ I know what is ED because I had it some time ago. Now I'm fat. So please, follow me because I need some motivation to loose weight!

    with love,

  6. I can't do the ABC because in my life, it is impossible to stick to that calories every day. Plus I really believe that it messes up your metabolism and it's not a lifestyle change. But I wish you luck , maybe it will help kick off your weight loss:)

    Just make sure when you come off it or stop doing it, you prepare yourself for a bit of weight gain.

    sorry if my post seems like a killjoy post compared to all the "i"m so happy you're doing ABC" comments above from me.