Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy day

I'm so happy today.I had an absolutely honest talk with the boyfriend last night. I was fearing it sooo much, but it went quite easy actually. It was quick and almost painfree. We ended up feeling all newly-in-love again, so we watched a movie together and had some wonderful tender sex afterwords. And it just felt so right. Like, suddenly I could remember all the reasons I love him, and I could see myself, really see myself with this guys, for the rest of my life.
Spend the day at his house. More movie. More sex. More happiness. I feel so right, finally!

Woke up this morning to 84,2 kg/185,6. I was real overwhelmed. But really, really happy. After for so long being so weak, constantly binging and not being able to restrict propperly, I'm finally doing something right. And it's going so fast! Which I know is not a good thing, loosing too fast, since it tends to come back quick. But I'm sure it'll slow down once my body gets used to restricting again. To be honest, I don't really care too much. As long as I'm losing, I'm happy.

Do you know that feeling? Like, everything is just right!
It's the feeling of controle. Of finally, after having lost grip, being able to regain controle. It feels wonderful! I feel real powerful, haha :)

I've started about being more concrete about what I eat and exercise and stuff in here, you know? i've notic how many write down everything they've eaten in here, the calories, the exercise, and then the total. Maybe I should start doing that as well?
I do know a great homepage for adding up calories, as long as you know how much you ate. It makes it real easy for me, and I'm really addicted to it. It's danish, though, so most of you (all of you?) won't understand it. But here it is anyway (no one says you have to look at it) -

Okay, I will be doing that, I just decided.
For the future, I'll write it as the first thing. But since I've discusted it here, there really ain't need for me to do it today, right? So you'll just get it here :)

B: 1 s. ryebread (small) (76 cal)
1 s. cheese (28 cal)
L: 5 rye-crackers (154 cal)
D: 1 wheat bun (133 cal)

Total: 391 cal

As for the exercise, I don't know how much sex burns, but other that that, I haven't been doing anything. And yes, I do feel like a fat pig for that, and I do feel like I've gained though I ate less than 400 calories. I do care, believe me. It's just... I've been to happy to think about that. And since that doesn't happen very often, I decided to just relax and enjoy the happiness, just for once. That reasonable enough, don't you think? :)

So lovelies, I'm gonna go take a shower now.
(Yes, this is a cheesy way to end the post, I know. I'm not the creative type, really.)
Always remember pretties, always, that happiness is the most beautiful thing in the world. Don't trade it for anything in the world. Not even for Ana. In the end, all the reason we struggle so hard, is so that we can feel happy about ourselfs. Never give up the feeling of happiness. It ain't worth it. Remember this.
Stay strong lovelies, and think thin.
Believe in yourself.
Be confident.
You will reach your goal!
You will show everyone!
You will feel normal again!
You will be happy!
- Bella


  1. Aw yay glad you are losing :D keep it up huni you will only get happier!
    And speaking of happy :) I'm happy for you being happy !! haha if you get me! I love being all luvy duvy with my bf! When something happens and all of a sudden you feel so right with him!

  2. im glad you're so happy :) the world needs more happy people.
    i never last more than the first week of abc lol
    but we will do it!!! yes.
    :) <3

  3. Yay I am glad you are happy!
    High five on losing too! It's always great to see the numbers on the scale go down. :)

    Hehe I ended my blog post in the same way (going for a shower :P)