Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That "I-really-don't-want-to-do-this-post"

Exacly. This is the post where I tell you how much I've gained, and you all drop you jaws 'cause you didn't know it was posible to gain that much in such short time.

I'll start of with the good news: I didn't gain at all during Roskilde Festival. At all. That is pretty damn amazing!
Now to the bad - really bad - news. My weight: In about 2 or 3 months, I have moved my fat ass weight from 80,7 kg/177,9 lbs to a massive 88,7 kg/195,6 lbs. I've gained 8 kg/17,6 lbs in 2-3 months! Which is 2/3 of what I'd already lost. So I feel pretty... Fat. I know, I know, but there's no other words.

So far it's 2:30 pm, and my intake for today is about 5. I'm living on diet coke, yippie. It's one of my total addictions. Hey, maybe I should make, like, a list? With pictures? My top 5 addictions? Well, what a great idea. And I'll start from the buttom up, like a countdown. Haha, this'll be awesome. I mean, to make the list. Lists are fun, okay?

My top 5 food/drink addictions
Number 5

Eggs. This is kind of a wide area, but I just love them, and I eat them every possible way I can! Scrambled, fried, boiled (with or without a soft center), and bread, on toast, in salads, just... Eggs!
I know I shouldn't eat the yolk. I know how much healthier it is wihtout, and sometimes I do make omelets only from the whites. But I mean, come on! It's not one of the most unhealthy things, even with the yolk.
So, eggs is my number 5 addiction :)

Number 4
Cucumber. Damn, what would I do without my favorite almost-no-calories snack/food?
I can be used for everything! I eat it with salt on rye bread, in all salads (no matter the rets of the contents), mexican food, or just a big piece for snack. I looove it :)

Number 3

Rice cakes, with or without cheese. Though for the most, with cheese. I couldn't find a picture of the big ones with cheese, but thoose are the ones I love the most. They're 38 calories per cake, so of course you can't just go crazy with them, for one or two as a snack, it's absolutely wonderfull! I'm addicted :)

Number 2
Diet coke and coke zero. Where would I be without it?
I wouldn't be able to fast ever.
As an average, I drink around 1 liter/33,8 ounces (1,05 quarts),  which is pretty disgusting when you think about it. But I just... I can't help it.
This is actually kind of equal with number one. They're very, very close!

Number 1
<-- Me with brown hair

My absolute top addiction. I guess it's the caffein I'm addicted to. You know, really addicted. I don't like coffee, so this is my only way to get my caffein. I love the flavor, the energy it gives me, the cool cans, I just love it! :)
Of course, it's filled with calories. I only drink them after fasting days, as a reward. Hopefully, I'll get one tomorrow. It's been soooo long!

End of my list! Now, wasn't that fun? :)
Okay, so this bad. bad post actually ended out pretty great.
So, I'll leave you with that. Back to my diet coke and my Ugly Betty time.

I love you all, lovelies.
Stay strong, think thin!
- Bella

Oh, and just because it's been so long, I'll leave you with some pretty ladies to inspire you :)


  1. omg u are very pretty!!! u cant sooo tell guys will be all over you when your thin!! ♥
    dont worry u will lose the weight! ive gained that much too in the same amount of time

  2. Don't worry. Losing weight that was put on that fast should be fairly easy. And don't worry so much about eating the yolk of the eggs, an egg with the yolk is still only 70 calories, which really isn't bad at all considering how filling they are. If you're going crazy trying to find something to give you that caffiene boost without the calories, sugar free red bull is the shiznit! It tastes just as good as the original and only has 10 calories per serving. It's awesome stuff.
    And Ceecee is right, you are absolutely beautiful! :)

  3. eggs are amazing!
    and diet coke!
    try out diet dr pepper!
    its soooo amazingggg lol
    and the weight will come off soon enough
    no worries darling <3