Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekly weigh-in? Well, why not.

So, I was spending my time as I do best - finding some old blog, and read every entry ever made. In order.
I was reading the old entries of an abandoned blog, and I noticed this bow in the side. I believe everybody on here weighs at least twice a day, possibly more. I know I do. This girl had the same problem, so she decided that instead of posting every time she had weighed, she would only make 1 official weigh-in a month. Like, all the others didn't count, if she'd lost or put on weight I woudln't count. I think I'm going to do the same.
Stepped on the scale this morning. Not as bad as I'd expedted, but still higher than the number I'd sworn I'd never pass again. Fuck my life...
So, I'm gonna make Wednesday my official weigh in, 'cause I always put on in weekends, and I want to be able to work that off again before the weigh in. I don't want to do it just before the weekend though, 'cause then I'd feel like I was cheating - don't know why, I just would.
I'm going to make a box keeping track of it. Even if I don't make a post on Wednesdays, I will always update my weight as soon as I can. Promise!

Oh, and I broke my fast yesterday after 25 hours. The little scouts were having a parrents meeting, so they made soup with flutes. The soup was made from broth, with carrots, leeks, potatoes, dumplings and mini meatballs (since I'm vegetarian I ate around the meetballs). I ate two small bowls and 3 mini flutes. Then I ate a sandwich. I should never break a fast unexpedtedly. I tend to overeat. Luckily, I was down in the hut, so there wasn't anything I could binge on. After the sandwich, there were no food.
The soup wasn't really bad. The sandwich was.
I decided to make a meal plan for this week. One that is low in fat, mainly based on carbs and proteins. Proberbly most carbs, but that's because they say that about 60% of your food should be carbs.
It's very very easy, and very very boring. But it's only for a week, while I work out something better, talk to my parrents about it, get the groceries and all that stuff.

Nothing for breakfast (I hate eating breakfast!)
1 piece of rye-bread for lunch (90 cal)
1 cup soup for dinner (70-85 cal)
And one pear of apple sliced up as snack throughout the day (50-60)

Total = 210-235 calories a day.

Simple. Easy. Doable.

Going to the gym with my mom tonight. My goal is to burn more than I eat today, so my net intake will be negative.
I've ate 1 piece of rye-bread and 1 apple so far. I've decided on a soup with 70 calories tonight, so my total intake should be 210. I can totally burn that off in no time. I'll burn more than that just by half an hour on the exercise bike. I'm hopeing to do that every day except Friday and Tuesday. And I'll make sure the on other days to burn for those two days.

Girls, I've gotten it all figured out.
I've made an idiot-secure plan.
I'm engaged and sooo ready to burn off some calories tonight.
I'm on a roll girls.
I'm serious!
And, I'm again not paying attention to class. Oops.

For now girls, until next time
Stay strong!
I love you all so much girls!
You are my rock. Thank you!
- Bella

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  1. Sounds amazing <3 keep up the amazing outlook/attitude <3