Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Mi compleaños es el veintesiete de Mayo de mil novecientos noventa y cuadro."

Yeah, you might already guessed. I'm writing from the school again. And, you might also guessed this: I'm having spanish at the moment.
I really shouldn't write right now. My spanish teacher is the kind that is real cool and funny and stuff, but she's just so strict! I mean, you respect her, you do as she says, and you fucking work your ass off in class! That kind of teacher, you know.

We're planning our... Studying-travel-thingy? We'll, all the class travels together for a week. My class, as an exemple, we're going to Spain for a week, because our study line is called Spanish - English - Social science. Every class' destination is defined by what their study-line is. 2.L, my awesome class, is going to spend one week in Granada, were we're going to museum, we experience some spanish culture, and we have an awesome time. I'm going from 19th-25th of March (durring which time I wont be able to update :/ )

Waaay. Now she's teaching us how to use the online dictionary. Seriously, we're 16-17-18, you're 50. Like you could teach us technology...

This is my lovely class. I'm the third from right.

Spanish is kiiiiiiilling me.
--- *Class ends, another begins* ---
Danish is kiiiiiiiilling me.
It's the same teacher as in spanish. Freaking substitutes...
So yeah, onto danish. Lol, should I include something danish in the title? Or would that be too weird?
Ehehe. I've gotten a new addiction. You guys should really check this out:
It's soooooooo funny! Like, seriously! Totally cracks me up :)

Maybe it's time for some more weight-body-issues-related stuff?
Weighed in this morning at 88,0 kg/194,0 lbs. So it's better than yesterday.
My intake today isn't real positive, though.
Special K for breakfast (130)
Egg salad sandwich for snack (300 - baaaad)
4 scones for lunch (500 - reeeeeeal bad!)
And now, a piece of birthdaycake- Let's call it 150, it's not real big or fancy or stuff.
So I guess this is it for today!
The only reason I allowed myself the scones and the cake is, that I know I'm going to burn at least 500 calories at Zumba today. Which equals out the scones perfectly. Lol, it's not a great reason, but it's better than "I have no self controle", right?

Girls, I'm off real soon, so I'm just gonna end this quick.
(Maybe I'll update later?)
Sorry to leave you like this - you all make my day.
Take care girls, stay strong!
- Bella

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  1. New to following your blog :) I just thought I would say your profile picture caught my eye and I think you are absolutely beautiful >.< Now I feel like a crazy interweb stalker ;) Don't worry though! I am not 0.0

    Don't worry about your food intake at all :) I am not going to preach (in recovery) but I like to live by the saying "if you're going through hell, keep going" Good old churchill! In other words, tomorrow is a brand new day.