Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Expansionary fiscal policy

Social science is soooo much fun! NOT!
Yeah, I'm writing from the school again. I'm not much for paying attention in class xD

Yesterday ended real bad. Chetoos, chocolate, winegums. And a sandwich. Not to forget my dinner. Sigh.
Today haven't been much better. 2 Cult Raw Energy (my top addiction ), 1 sandwich, 1 piece of rye bread with chocolate. 2 Kinder milk slices. Sigh. When do I learn?
At least I know I won't eat any more today. After school, I'm going straight to the dentist. And after that, straight to my new job! (MONEY!). Won't be home until 8.30, and then it's too late to eat. How saaaaad. Not ._.

Well, my writing on Blogger at least stops me from eating any more. That's always when I, like, pull myself together and think. And now, when I count the calories I've consumed, I know I'm only at about 600 for the food. 460 from the Cult... Bad, but fluid calories are at least better than calories from food. I don't know why I feel that way, it's stupid really. I just do.

I've decided, along with Mademoiselle from OBSESSION WITH PERFECTION that we're gonna do the SGD diet. I don't know when we start, but it can't be too long. Monday, maybe? Don't know. I'm gonna have to ask her next time she's online (she added me on Facebook. Yay for chatting with other Ana girls)
I'm excited. I don't know how much I can lose, but I'm sure it'll be enough to kick me right back into gear. And before I know, I'll have reached 3 or 4 of my goals or so. I can't wait to do that.

It's been a long time since I've told you girls my weight. Shame is the biggest part of that, I guess. This morning, I was 88,4 kg/194,9 lbs. Sooo much. But I'm done with that. With the calories I've eaten today, I can still reach not gaining for tomorrow. From now on, and 'til some time after the SGD, I will lose only. I swear. 'Cause if I don't, there will be consequences that I don't want to face. Done! Just like that.

Tic toc tic toc.
This is soooo boring.
I mean, the subject can be interessting. But it's not. Not right now. And not with the teacher I have. He's cool, all right. He's got a sense of humor (for an old man, anyway), and he's genuinly engaged in his subject. But he's just not good at teaching. He's quite boring. I've got a lot of teachers like that. They're cool when they're not teaching, but they should have gotten another job. Sigh. I guess the gymnasium is just like that, in general. Maybe it's got something to do with my attitude? xD

Giiiiiiiiiirls. I'm bored.
So I'm gonna finish this, and read old blog entries that you wonderfulies (is that even a word?) have made :)
I love you all!
'Til next time,
take care an stay strong!
- Bella


  1. wait- did you say you are 195lbs!?

    keep up the good work sweetie, that weight will soon be a thing of the past.


  2. hay bells,,

    I don't want to be a downer.. but what happened to the "doing it the healthy way" thingi? :)

    You should have a look at this blog, it is amazing and might inspire you :) She is also on facebook which makes it even easier to get a hold of :)


  3. Hah! You're funny! Good luck with everything. Stay strong!