Monday, September 12, 2011

No skipping classes!

Yeah, I still haven't skipped a class this year. Yet. I was so fucking close today!
I had absolute no energy. Slept bad, woke up early, didn't eat. So after the first 3 hours of school, I was so ready to go home.
After being so depressed last night, I decided to fast today. When I woke up, I didn't know what I'd do. I skipped breakfast, threw out my lunch, thinking I could just buy some diet coke or so. Ended up buying a sandwith with egg salad. So delicious! And only about 300 or so calories. Then I had 2 apples. They were giving them away for free.
After eating, I decided I now had the energy to go to classes anyway. I did. Now I'm sitting in the last one, just chilling on Facebook and Blogger. Hurray for not getting absence!

I don't really regret eating. I know that I'm no good at fasting. I always end up binging, and the longer the fast, the longer the binge. So it's alright.
I'll proberbly have some rice crackers when I get home. Maybe some low fat cheese on those. I'll do the laundry, clean my room, and just chill in front of the TV. When I say I'll do the laundry and clean my room, know that it will take at least 4 hours doing those two things. My room's proberbly the main thing, ehehe :)

I've been thinking for a while, and how do you girls feel about giving out your Facebook and hotmails to your Ana buddys? I mean, I know some are afraid to even use just their first name. I'm not scarred at all. I know no one can find this thing, since I made up an e-mail account specific for this, and I've never shown it to anyone but my boyfriend.
Well, if you girls feel like it, I'm gonna link my Facebook page here, and write down my hotmail. Then you girls can do with it whatever you want to :)

Hotmail: (Don't even mention the name. I was 12 or something, and it seemed cool, okay?)

This is my current Facebook profile picture.
Just if you choose to search for me instead.
Girlies, I will go back to plaing Bubble Struggle 2 and waiting for this pain to end.
Why is is again that religion is mandatory?!
Until next time,
stay strong lovelies!
- Bella


  1. I don't use my first name, only because of the career I am in and if it is found I am in alot of trouble!