Monday, September 26, 2011

SGD day 1

Starting officially on the SGD today.
I'm just going to make a couple of rules for myself, so I'll have an easier time staying on the diet.

1) Take multi-vitamin every day! 'Cause there's no way I'm going to get enough of anything while doing this.
2) Never eat anything that contains more than 100 calories. Eat a little every 2-3 hours, instead of eating all of it at once.
3) Never eat past 7 pm. Your metabolism drops already after you've been awak for, like, 10 hours or so, I've read.
4) I'll only make official weigh-ins wednesdays. Like, it only counts if it's on a wednesday. So if I share my weight on any other day, don't accept it as official!
5) I must reach at least the 2 next goal weights while on this diet.
6) I will take a picture of me in my underwear everyday, so at the end, I can compare beefore and after SGD pics.

I weighed in this morning so that I'd have a start weight, since I didn't reach weighing this past wednesday (The day I decided to make it my official weigh-in day of course ._.)

It was 86,4. Lower than it has been for more than a month. I'm so happy girls! I'm so focused on doing this thing. I have gained back control. i feel like I can fucking do this thing!
I haven't felt in control for a long while. I'm finally losing weight girls! I almost forgot how satisfying it is to step up on the scales, and see a number lower than the last time. I mean, I knew it was good, but this great? I never want to put on again, ever , in my life! I'm gonna be fucking skinny in a year! Just wait and see girls :)

I've been watching the 2 first seasons of Skins this weekend. I don't want to watch the rest (though I probably will, some day). Cassie - or, Hannah Murray - is so wonderfully beautiful. I'm so in love with her. And Maxxie - Mitch Hewer - is so freaking hot! I loved it, I loved all of them! Why couldn't they have made all the seasons about them? I want more of them! I can't accept the fact that it's over, that I'll never see them in that show again. Or, they're talking about making a movie about the first two generations, but still. I can't be over!
But what a lovely thinspirering show, I must say. All the girls are so thin, and you do see a lot of their bodies, slim and flat and wonderful. I wish I could be like that.
I can, some day. Some day, I will be...

Also, I was watching the video to Wasted by Carrie Underwood this weekend (again) and something caught my eyes. I realized how fucking skinny she has gotten! I mean, I know she put on durring the show, and lost the weight again. But she's lost even more since then! Her shoulders and arms were just... Sticks. She was so gorgeous in the video. It totally turned a new flame for her music in me. It's been a while since I've listened to her.

 At the top is lovely Hannah Murray, in a very bad quality picture from the series. At the bottom is the skinny Carrie Underwood in a picture from the video. How I love these women <3

It's almost 10am and I've had a pear (54) and a small glass of skimmed milk (71) so far. I've got an apple for the lunch break (52), I've got a cup soup for dinner (70) and then I still have 153 calories left for if I feel tempted when I get home, as I usually do. If I do, I will have either an apple and half a piece of rye bread (71), or a piece og whole-grain bread (90). So I should be good.

So girls, I'll go read all your lovely blogs now, and try to make some good comments.
I love you all to death!
Stay strong butterflies!
You're all so uniqe, all so beautiful!
- Bella


  1. WoWWoWWoW! She's sooooo skinny! Thinspo crew! SOOO pretty. I wish I had lovely long blonde hair. :( GOOD luck with the SGD! Can't wait to see the pics :)

  2. I'm expecting you to do amazingly on the SGD, so don't let me down! I'm glad you're lower than before. Now just remember how good that feeling is <3

  3. Good luck with the SGD. I've not tried that one. I'm attempting to stick to the ABC this time and not get bored haha.

    I love Carrie Underwood! She is so gorgeous and that makes me hate her! ;) xx

  4. I just started season 2 of Skins, and I love it!! Altho I had heard it sucks after the second season...

    Good luck with SGD!!