Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday ._.

I'm so sorry, I completly forgot to tell you guys I were going away for the weekend. I was on a trip with the scouts. We walked a lot, so that's real good. But I ate more today, when I came home, than I should have. So I'll say I'm even.
Begining ABC tomorrow. I'm maybe doing it with my friend Mie, but she can't really decide if she wants to. She's started being all healthy, eating normal and exercising and all. It's kinda sad, though I'm glad for her. But  it was nice having an Ana-buddy around all the time. I still love her, though :)

I'm going to weigh  myself tomorrow (and it can't be good. I've been too much of an idiot this week), and then I wont do it again until Friday. I've tried ABC before, and I know it's hard as hell. But I can do it. I can I can I can!
I also need to have, like, a pen and some small piece of paper all the time, so I can write down everything I eat and when, and then add it to a food journal when I get home.

On another page,  I've gotten sunburned. And it's only the beginning of April. Fml.
It's not even like it's really hot. It's actually really windy, too windy for just a T-shirt, unless you're out of the wind. But my sensitive cheeks and my sensitive nose has gotten sunburned. Like, a lot. But my arms, who's also been out? Nothing. I hate my skin. It's very annoying, very weird ._.

I'm watching Made Weekend Break on MTV. I love that show! I just love the idea of how you can change your whole life in such a short amount of time. I would love a Made coach who could force me into getting thin. Why isn't it as easy as that?

I've been in a real bad mood the whole weekend. Sorry I can't be more positive girls. Guess I just need to get started. That's what I'm doing tomorrow. A new week, a new diet, a new start. Except it's not a start. Just a way to get my fat ass back on track. But besides that! Lol :)

Guess I ought to do my homework. Got a science-report for tomorrow. I have no idea what I'm supposed to write :/
Gah! Next school-year, I have to listen in on the classes, do my homework on time, all those kind of things. I''ve reached the part where I'm supposed to be serious. I need to get better.

So girls, I'm gonna go now.
Hope you've had an awesome weekend.
Think thin!
- Bella


  1. Are you a scout master? That's wonderful! I hope that your skin feels better soon! Do you have any Aloe Vera handy? I apply tons of that stuff to make burns feel better.

    Yes, starting over is good. I hope that the ABC diet works well for you and that you enjoy school. Your attitude will certainly get better soon.

    Hehe. We can't have personal trainers because they cost a lot of personal money. If I was rich I would just buy a nice body but I don't think it means as much as when we push ourselves into working hard. We are our own and best personal trainers!

  2. Gah it was my goal for this year to keep up on schoolwork too. It didn't last a week. Hahah hopefully you have more motivation in that area than I do!

  3. A food journal is the most helpful thing you will ever start to do, especially if you don't allow yourself to throw away any of those embarassing pages. You'll want the whole thing to just turn out awesome so you'll do your best to make 0 of those awful pages.

  4. Good luck with abc! You can do it : )