Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm such a pig :(

Hello lovelies, sorry it's been so long! I honestly did not have any time for like, a week. It's been crazy.
I'm on day 4 of my binge. God, I suck. It's over now. Writing in here always, like, marks when some crazy shit stops. Now, I'm getting myself together :)
Honestly, it hasn't been that bad. Yesterday was bad. But the other days... Maybe 1000-1500 a day? Less than normal people, for sure. But yesterday... Don't want to think about it.
My breakfast today, alone, got me between 700 and 800. So that's it for today. I'm doing a fast. Again. 36 hours without food. To cleanse out my body for all the food I've eaten the last couple of days. I would have said 48, but I get so grumpy when I fast, and I only have 3 days left with my boyfriend before he leaves for Budapest, and I don't want to be all grumpy and mad around him 2 out of those 3 days. So, 36 hours liquid-fast, starting NOW!

How have you been doing, lovelies? I swear, I've thought of Blogger 6 times an hour for the last 4 o 5 days! I've missed it. It feels so good to update :)

Just found that picture ^
I think I'll put it on my phone, background!. And computer. And maybe I should print it out, and keep in my wallet. So every time I take it out to buy something fat and sweet, my eyes will catch that little picture. Oh yeah, I'm so doing that!

Went to Copenhagen this Friday, finally got some shopping done. Got 1 new T-shirt, 1 new top, and 1 new bra + matching string. The boyfriend helped me picked. He loved it! Haha :)
If it hadn't been for the milkshake, that day would have been perfect. I love shopping, but I don't g out to do so much, 'cause the train-tickets are so expensive. Bah :/

So... Don't really know what to say. I've failed, so I can't write something inspiring and funny. I feel sad. And fat. But I always feels fat, so that doesn't count. Guess I'll just go read all you guys blogs again. Hopefully, that'll get me in a better mood.

Stay strong, all you wonderful girls out there.
You mean so much to me :)
- Bella ♥


  1. Hey girl! I love your blog and I will be following it from now on! Maybe you can follow mine as well and we could be like ana buddies? I am new to this, so I could use some extra support!

    Lots of love! Keep strong


  2. Success wouldn't be nearly as sweet without failure.

  3. Great blog. It's nice to know there are more girls out there like me. All the girls out there like us are such inspiration to me. So good luck, i'll be right along with you the whole way :)

  4. Hey there, you've got a great blog! Just wanted to say Dylan's words on the pic you posted really hit home. My heart flinched for a moment, and I felt like crying.
    Definitely phone background material ;)
    Hope you don't mind me following!

  5. Hey babe! That is totally fine with me! I dont have AOL so we have to figure out another way. What about skype? Does it sound good? Leep in touch!


  6. Thanks for following my blog :) it means alot and we all need support one way or another. If you, or any other girl, wants support, or an ana-buddy, email me to swap numbers or whatever: <3