Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sometimes you just need to think

I've done well today. I think.
4 rice crackers. 104 calories.
1 granola bar. About 100 calories.

Wish I hadn't had that granola bar. But I were so ready for a binge, I didn't think about it. And then, right after munching that bar, ready to go for more, I stopped. And thought. Just thought about it. I didn't need to eat. So I didn't. What a feeling!
Joining "Unknown" from Fighting To Be Me on a liquid fast tomorrow, fruit Thursday, fruit and veggies Friday and the rest of the weekend. Anyone else up for it?

Slept at the boyfriends yesterday. I hate being there on school mornings. Seriously, his brother were in the bathroom so long, I didn't have time to do anything! I couldn't pee, I couldn't brush me teeth or use the mirror, and I couldn't use their scale. So I have no idea how I'm doing. But I guess that's a good thing.
I have to stop weighing in so often. I decided to have my weigh-ins at Mondays, but I still use the weight every morning. And afternoon. And sometimes evenings too.
I'm obsessed.
I hate it.

Searched the webs for low calorie fat free brownies. Found 3 recipes I have to concider. And whatever I choose, I'll try making them next week. I cross my fingers. I'm such a sucker for sugar. Cake, chocolate, candy, whatever. Oh, and crisps, but there isn't any sugar in that, of course xD

Well, that's all for today.
Stay strong pretties. Think thin!
- Bella


  1. i keep rice cakes around for binges. they're (35) each so they're safe. good job stopping the binge. it's such a great feeling when you just say no. i probably ought to weigh in less, too. hm. stay strong, darling.

  2. i agree with zette, rice cakes are good binge-y food.

    hey, you've been selected for Versatile blogger award, check my blog for details.


  3. Omg, thanks Elle :D
    I'm honored!