Thursday, April 21, 2011

I wish I was a Sims character...

Playin' Sims 2. Making a huge family of teenage-girls and moms. Making them all thin and beautiful, with long golden hair, light pink make-up, tight clothes showing their non-existing bellies.
I wish I was a Sims character. So I could make myself thin, and pretty. And happy...

My life at the moment:
Still binging. Been doing that for more than a week. I know I can stop. I just don't want to.
Skinny! That's what I want to!
I'm going to stop this fucked up mess now. I won't gain anymore.
I'm going to be beautiful.

In a dark mood. Sorry for not posting.
Constant binges just doesn't make you feel very Ana-ish.
Sorry for that. I'm a failure.
But I'm on the right track now. Just now. Sorry girls, I'll improve <3

Feelin' better now. After writing all this crap.
I'll post again tomorrow, and I'll have good news!
For now on girls, be strong. Be... Well, not like me.
I love you guys :)
Stay positive! That's the most important thing!
- Bella

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  1. Oh the sims.. haha I have sims 3 and theres like a slider on how fat or thin you want them (instead of just the two options that i think it was in sims 2?). If I play with friends I always make the sims average... If I'm playing alone I make them as thin as possible. And they dress like whores because they can. hahahhah anyways. Sorry that you've been feeling down, we all have our days, but today's a new day <3 chin up. -G