Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I'm so, so sorry girls! My network broke down, and I didn't have it fixed until this morning. So sorry about not warning you guys or anything... But I'm back now :)

I had my first official weght-in since last monday, yesterday morning. It sucked, I'd put on a bit of weight, but not enough to let i bother me. I'm in a great moode today.
I'm enjoying my winterbreak from school, really needed that. Just spending time with my boyfriend, doing nothing at all. I love it!
Sadly, it's times like these, when I'm with my boyfriend, that I eat the most. But after eating tons and tons again today, I decided to change that, starting now! He's of to work now, and when he comes back, it'll all be diffrent. Because I said so!

I'm going to buy a guitar tomorrow. I've never really tried playing it, so I'm gonna start from absolutely nothing. But it'll be all right, I hope. I'm buying it used, very cheap, so even if I never learns how to play, the money will not be too wasted. I hope. God, I'm saying that too much! :o

So girls, I'm in some kind of trouble. Despite my high weight, my parrents have decided to watch my eating habbits very carefully, since I'm so bad at making up excuses for not eating. I really need some new ones, something that sounds good and realistic.
My parrents don't care if I feel sick, I still have to eat. Mostly, I'm using "I ate sooo much earlier, I don't feel like eating more", but I can't do that everyday day, since they've told me to stop eating all that junk. You have no idea daddy...

Is it just me, or is it like the world keeps contradicting itself? People wants us to loose weight, but they wants us to eat with them. They keep complaining about how you're not doing enough, but when you're off to go, they complain about how you're never at home. The whole world keeps telling us to do something, be something, anything. But you can never do it in the right way. Why do we bother to try so hard? To be what society expects us to, or our boyfriends, or our parrents. When truth is, we all just wants to be happy, to be able to decisefor ourself, to make our own life.

Okay, enough with the philosophy.

So girls, I hope you're all enjoying life out there.
Stay strong, pretties!
- Bella


  1. fuck society!! haha. don't worry about the gain you can just work it off :)

    if you have to eat with your parents, just tell them you're only eating healthy...make them buy you salads and fruit and stuff!

  2. Such a cheerful post, love!! Exactly what I needed right now; I'm so glad you're enjoying your vacation and are having a good time off school with your boyfriend :).

    Yes, the world indeed contradicts itself... I find this true especially when it comes to parents-- my dad, however great and lovely of a person he is, he's used to making all these comments in a very admiring tone (I'm very sure he doesn't realize that) like "the girls on the TV are so skinny" or "look at that girl! she's wearing such barbie-size jeans", but, whenever we video chat, he always looks so worried when he says that I'm losing so much weight or that I need to eat as much as possible to have enough energy. Yeah.

    I agree with Enid's comment above; I tried that with my mom last summer when I went back home for the break- told her they were eating very unhealthy and that it was making my stomach upset-- and that I decided to go on a "healthy diet", meaning eating only vegetables and fruit. Instead of worrying, or being suspicious, she actually JOINED me in the diet. Maybe it'd be worth trying?

    Lots of love!