Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just... You know?

I really feel like blogging today. But I have absolutely nothing to talk about.
Do you know that feeling?

Yesterday was bad. Really bad. I'm not going to talk about what I ate.
But somehow, when I weighed in this morning I was 82,8 kg/182,5 lbs. I've lost weight. i have no idea how!

Otherwise, it was very nice :)
We started off watching Klovn! The Movie (danish comedy-masterpiece!), then Friday the 13th, Rambo, and ended up watching Bruce the Almighty. By then, half of the people who started out being there had left, and half the people left were sleeping. But I wasn't able to, with so much sh*t in my stomac.
So my best friend and I stayed up 'till 5:30 am talking about everything and nothing, and then I got, in total, maybe 3 hours of sleep? So I'm kinda tired, though it's only 4 pm.

I've realized that I need to weigh myself much less! Weighing myself several times every day is really bad, since it's never the same, and certainly not good for an over-all picture.
I need a weight-in day. Then I can weight myself that day, and though I've weighed in the rest of the week, it's only that one day that counts! Then maybe, I can slowly get down to not weighing myself everyday. And eventually, maybe it will stop.

I'm reading Gilr sunder presure, by Jacqueline Wilson for the 5th time. I just love that book! It's so inspirering. Do any of you know? Well, I'd certainly recomend it to you all! :)

Well, I guess that's just about got to be it for now.
Gosh, I wish I had something interesting to share with you guys! Instead of just being all boring and... Well, dissapointing.

Always remember girls, you are not alone!
- Bella


  1. Hey dear! Thanks for your comment! I click with your blog as well, especially about weighing in several times a day. At first it was ok, just a check in, but now it's developed into a compusion. After every meal, basically whenever I go to the bathroom. Sending you skinnies darling!

  2. You aren't disappointing! Sometimes I blog about nothing too. I weigh myself every day...but I only COUNT the one on Wednesday morning. I think it makes things easier! You should have a weekly weigh in one morning...make sure it's in the morning before you've eaten anything :)