Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fuck me. It's okay.

Put on weight since yesterday, even though I barely ate. I know it's stupid, but that totally ruined my day. Ended up eating more than 1500 cals. Fuck me. It's allright, I can make it up in no time. Gosh, this is so gonna get me down later, when I see the result of all that eating. Still in a great mode, and nothing is about to get me down!

Feel so cool. I've learned to play the Harry Potter Intro-Theme-thingy (the slow one) on guitar. Though I suck at it. But! I can remember it now, all by myself. I've also named my guitar. I've called it Hayley, after Hayley Williams. Because she's the coolest female to ever walk this planet! Yes, I'm a huge Paramore-fan.
And she's so beautiful. She's not like, tinny. But like all famous people, she's so pretty. And it's not like she's big, not at all! She's pretty thin, but not skinny. She's standing out in her absolutely own way, and no one thinks of her as a loser, just 'cause she's diffrent. I wish I was more like her. Waaay more :(

Guess I better start some diet by monday, as the vacation's over. One that I have not made myself! It's just too easy to get away with being bad, when you make the diets yourself. Better go with the SGD. I've never been able to make it a whole ABC. But 30 days? I can do that, no doubt! Maybe I can convince my friend Mie to do it with me. She tried ABC with me, and we both failed hugely. So we'll both have some motivation, right? Though it's proberbly not the case, if anyone want's to join, you're more than welcome! The more the merrier, right?

As soon as this cold time is over, I'm going to start jogging. I absolutely hate it, but it's easy, it's free, and it can actually become real nice once you get used to it. So spring, will you pleeease hurry up a bit? Thanks.

Sitting here listening to that new Avril Lavigne song. I've always loved her! And I like the new song. But it's just... Not her! She's changed so much. Why does that happens to all good artists?
I really like the lyrics, anyway. I totally know how she feels.

All my life I've been good, but now?
I am thinking what the hell
All I want is to mess around
And I don't really care about

If you love me, if you hate me
You can save me baby, baby
All my life I've been good, but now?
What the hell

So true...

To all of you out there
Who actually takes some of your time, to read all this shit
I cannot describe how glad it makes me
I'm so gratefull for your comments
And thanks for the great advise on my last post!
I love you all
Stay strong!
- Bella


  1. Hello there :) Well, the most important thing is to stay positive, even if you binged/didn't exercise/ate more than planned, and you're doing exactly that, so-- great job, love!

    Yay for learning the Harry Potter theme! I've always wanted to know how to play guitar, but never learned it; Hayley herself is pretty cool (though I'm not a big Paramore fan, don't hate me ;) and she definitely is an inspiration!

    Spring can't come fast enough... *sigh*

    Stay positive and everything will be great!
    Good luck tomorrow,


  2. i'm currently doing the SGD and let me tell you. it is sooo great. waay easier then the ABC diet it's a good intro to the ABC tho, when i accomplish/finish the SGD i'm going to try the ABC. but i totally love what i'm doing now and i totally suggest it. it's easy to stick to because if you get hungry or are craving food, you can eat fruit and you'll be fine and it doesn't throw off your count.
    try it =]

  3. ack i looove harry potter! that's so cool.
    good luck with SGD. i've never done it...let me know your thoughts!

    p.s...i always read :)