Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm broken

I'm so sorry if this offends everyone. I just needed to show someone. I also posted it on my Tumblr. Leave yours in a comment, and I'll folow.

I'm sorry lovelies. Please forgive me...


  1. oh, baby...:(
    this isn't good. i can only say that i'm so sorry you feel the need to damage your own beautiful skin. oh God.
    if i had it my way with the world, i would've kissed away the cuts, and made all pain nothing but a fantasy. </3
    -Sam Lupin

  2. Please dont cut
    it never helps in the long run...
    I'm sorry you feel the need to inflict self harm
    stay strong darling <3
    hope your alright

  3. Ohhhh I'm sorry!!! I hope whatever caused you to self injure goes away right now!!! I could never be offended its just as bad as reading about peoples disorders! Seriously I hope your ok remember were all here to support you no matter what!
    Love scarlett <3

  4. We forgive you.
    Please stop cutting like that.
    Think of when you are skinny and can wear bikini's and short skirts. Then a fear will emerge of the scars you have. Leave them alone so they heal, and find another way to punish yourself if need be.
    I have a hate book. Each time I binge, or do something I regret, I make a note of it and tell myself how I truly feel. Find something that works for you

  5. If you're broken, we'll
    Just have to
    Find a way,
    Of making you feel
    Like you could be fixed.
    Or maybe, we can try and help you mend
    You're beautiful,
    Don't scar yourself..

  6. Pretty, pretty please
    Dont you ever, ever feel
    Like you're less than
    Fucking perfect

    Pretty, pretty please
    If you ever, ever feel
    Like you're nothing
    You're fucking perfect to me

  7. more careful please...