Sunday, March 18, 2012

New hair! (Very short!)

I don't have time for a real post, since I still haven't packed or cleaned my room, and I'm leaving tomorrow. Just wanted to keep my promise and let you guys have a look at my new hair. Dyed it yesterday. What do you think? Let me know!

I love you girls. And I promise, I'll write you the first evening I have the time while in Spain!
Damn, I'm excited!

Don't forget to leave me a comment, telling me what you think!

Stay strong, think thin, be beautiful!
- Bella


  1. You look great! That color especially really looks good on you. And I like the cut too. I wish I had the guts to go with a color like that.

  2. look gorgeous on you! I wish I could go to Spain!! Have a great time!

    xx SN

  3. and i am about to go do my Arabic Paper 1 + English Paper 2 exam and i have seen Heaven right at the moment. <3 you are so beautiful. baby, you light up the world tonight. i truly love your eyes the most. they are a brimful of colour that contrast with your new lock colour so beautifully that i cannot breathe even a word.
    enjoy your time in scale. no frantically obsessing about restricting. pull back, smile, and dazzle us. <3
    -Sam Lupin

  4. You look stunning. The colour compliments your lovely eyes so well too.

  5. OMG!! I friggin LOVE your hair!!! It's beautiful. Like you.

    Love you. Stay strong.

  6. HOW did i miss this post!!! I was waiting on your new hair!!! SO FUN!!!!!

  7. I love it so much!!!
    But I missed this post.. :(

  8. I know I am kinda late but you are too lovely to not leave a comment <3
    Keep going on with your plans and hopefully your very own music therapy will work!