Saturday, May 7, 2011


Decided to make me some goals, finally. To keep me motivated, you know :)
Thought I'd give them their own update. That way, I'll always be able to find them and look at them :)

80,0 kg/176,3 lbs - Gets to pierce my ears again
75,0 kg/165,3 lbs - Buy tickets to Black Veil Brides concert
70,0 kg/154,3 lbs - Shopping-trip to Copenhagen
65,0 kg/143,3 lbs - Gets to dye my hair red again
60,0 kg/132,3 lbs - Buy extensions for the red hair
55,0 kg/121,3 lbs - A tattoo symbolizing what I've been through. By that time, I'm gonna be 18 at least.

These are the goals that's going to inspire me.
I think I'll print a couple of them out, putting them up on my wall, having one in my wallet, having one in my bag all the time, stuff like that :)

Lol, guess that's it.
I'll write tomorrow, to let you know how the party went.
'Till then, goodbye lovelies
- Bella 


  1. I like your goals :) You'll get all of them, don't worry! -G

  2. nice goals with good rewards
    um, we weigh basically the same and have the same height. i've never met someone on blogger who has the same stats as me.
    you can do this! if you ever need help, message me. i know what you are going through. ♥

    ps thanks for the comment on my poem