Friday, January 21, 2011

Well, look at that

I'm actually doing all right at the moment. Today I weighted in at 83,8 kg/184,7 lbs, which is the exactly same, as the lowest I ever were, before going back to put on weight. I've not eaten today at all, and I'm not planning on ruining it now. Tomorrow, I want to see a number on the scales that I haven't seen for ages! I'm so looking forward to that!

I've done pretty well the last couple of days, and I'm absolutely thrilled! I'm back on track, and nothing can stop me from reaching my goals!
My boyfriend and I actually set up a goal for me together; at March 15, I have to be below 75 kg/165,3 lbs. That day, My Chemical Romance (finally!) performs their first concert in my small, crappy country. I believe that I can loose more than that before, but then again, I don't want to set up unrealistic goals. I hate not reaching my goals, simply because I've overestimated myself. It makes me feel like shit.

One thing I can't wait for, is for everyone to notice how much weight I've lost. Of course only in the beginning, while I'm still fat. Until I reach 55 kg/121,3 lbs I will love for everyone to notice how thin I'm becoming. Of course I will keep trying to loose weight after that, since I want to be skinny, not just normal sized. But I honestly don't want people to notice after that.
I've never really had much attention, neither from classmates, parents, boys, or anyone. That's the main reason why I want to loose weight. I want people to see me, to look at me and admire me for my pretty body (in, like, 5 years or so maybe...). I want to be perfect...

Well,  I guess that's it for now.
Stay strong girls!
- Bella


  1. hey girl i started at 204 i'm 174! if i can do it you can : ) stay strong!

  2. hi bella! thanks for following me. Where are you from? the language looks eastern european but I can't venture a guess besides that. Congrats on keeping the low number. soon every number will be a low number!

  3. Eager Enid> I really appreciate it! :) I really try to do my best. I just hope I can be as strong as you, through whatever it takes to reach my goals :)

    Undesirable Number One> I'm from Denmark, Scandinavia. So the European-part was right :)
    I really do appreciate every bit of support I get. Thank you! Oh, and you're welcome :)