Saturday, June 23, 2012

"You could use getting back on the exercising bike" he said.

I guess I'll be purging again from now on.

Thanks dad. I was so well on my way out of this eating disorder, and you pushed me right back in.
Thanks a lot.


  1. I'm sorry about what your dad said honey, even though I know it doesn't really help you or change anything at all. Stay strong honey and don't let something a man said get to you, they don't think about what they say.. <3

  2. oh sweety i know exactly how u feel! my dads my trigger too. I know how much it hurts but please you need to know that what he says doesnt matter, ur more important, much more important. hurting urself for him isnt worth it because in the end ur only hurting urself. there are other ways to lose weight and if purging is something u r capable of controlling urself from doing it really is better to avoid it as it leads to all sorts of problems. i have tons of cavities, teeth are yellow, swollen glands in face (my face looks chubbier), esophagus tear, stomach rupture...the list never ends...there really are other ways to lose weight than purging. regardless i want u to know ur beautiful and nobody has the right to hurt u and nobody's words are worth hurting urself for. stay strong<3

  3. Bella baby, i'm so sorry that he said something like that. But, you also need to understand that it isn't his fault because he prolly doesn't know what you're going through. The only reason things like that get to you is because it reinforces the way you feel about yourself. Don't purge. you're so much better than that and once you realise that you're perceptions about yourself need to change, if people ever say that you just like 'fuck you - moving on.' I had some issues which triggered me badly when I put on like 3kgs - my bmi was only like 20 at the time, but some guy at a club called me fat. I fasted for a week. And you know, now, I'm just like whatevs bro you're blind. You should chat to Sam Lupin, she stopped purging recently and she's my hero for that. This probably isn't overly helpful. But be strong. you don't need to hurt yourself to be skinny. Xo

  4. Your Dad is a total fuckwad.

    Don't listen to him, please. Don't let a jerkhole like that push you back to purging, he's not worth it.

    Arohanui <3

  5. babe. he's just a bastard. you're amazing. you are my amazing little Bella and you're gonna shine, Louise. you are going to shine like the amazing person you are.
    you're my baby.
    you're my beautiful, beautiful baby. <3 and I Misha You To Death!!!!!! <3
    -Sam Lupin