Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anything for you, love.

I hate to dance. But baby, I'd dance with you all night if you asked me to.
And I hate to sing infront of others. But I'd sing you to sleep if you needed me to.
I hate to hold another person, hate comforming them. But I'd hold you, comfort you all night if you felt bad.
And I hate to watch movies with aliens and action an blood and horrorstories. But I'd cuddle up on a sofa watching it with you if you wanted me to.
I hate to think things through and plan ahead. But if you needed that too, I'd do it for you.

And I hate to trust, to let you go your own way. But you asked me to, so I'm doing just that. With tears in my eyes, I'm waiting for you to find the time to write me, between the computergames and the friends you're with.

Because I love you so much. And I'd do anything for you. Even when it breaks me down, makes me want to never let you leave me again. I'd do anything you asked for. Just please. Let me know you love me back...


  1. :(
    aww, babe. <3
    if it helps, i love you.
    i love you a lot. you're my butterfly, sweetie. you can always FB me whenever you know xo
    -Sam Lupin

  2. Frank Ocean-Bad Religion

    Read the lyrics as you listen.