Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Never good enough
It's been a long time. A really long time.
I went into a kind of home made treatment. And it went real well the first couple of weeks.
Then it got out of hand.
I just...
I ate. And ate. And then ate some more.
I've putten on so much weight I can't even get myself into saying it.
I've got to get it off me. Fast.

So I'm back. I'd sworn I would never do this again.
But I'm in too deep. I'm too addicted.

I'm sorry for leaving you girls for so long. So sudden.
I just... i really thouht I could do it, you know?
Guess I'll not be doing that mistake again.

I'm back girls. For real.
And I'm free. Summers break.
So I'll be able to write a lot more.
I'll write again tomorrow, when I'm not so...
Well. Depressed. Dissapointed. Mad.
Dunno. I'll write tomorrow.
I'm sorry girls. I truelly am.

I love all of you, with all my heart.
- Bella 

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